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  1. HEy guys and girls, Has anybody here had any luck using the cetaphil cleansing bar? I had a stint with the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser but i think that the sls and the wipe off metod was killing my face and making it totally raw. For the last few months i have been using just water which feels better and has calmed my face down but i look oily all the time now because there is nothing cleansing my face. I noticed that the bar doesnt have sls in it so maybe this is the shot. PLease help!
  2. hey guys and gals, just wanted to know if anybody has had results with the rosacea-treatment-clinic products available. They are very expensive however they sound very promising and seem to be extremely mild. which is what i need as water still seems to be drying me out. At the moment i am waiting on some products from the rosacea-care skin range but was thinking of getting some of this also. The website is www.rosacea-treatment-clinic.com. Any help would be appreciated Kind regards craig
  3. Im going to a doctor next monday and im not leaving without some sort of specific rosacea product eg.face wash ,cream etc. When i went to the docs about a year ago he gave me a hydrocortisone cream and then he said"Oh by the way, you cant use it for more than two weeks in a row because it stimulaes hair growth". ? What the fuck! Ive had this problem for 6 years and he is giving me a cream that i can only use for two weeks. dickhead. Im going to my mums doctor and she says she is very caring
  4. Rosacea can vary from person to person. There are lots of good websites that show mild to extreme cases of this condition. I think www.rosacea.com is a good one wiht lots of info about coping with the condition and things that trigger it.
  5. Did the medication stop it for good or isnt that possible with rosacea? What i mean is have you had any re-acurances since you got off of it? Also were there any side affects? Thanks heaps.
  6. Has anybody here gone on any form of antibiotics for rosacea and if so what was the results. im am thinking of going to a derm about the flushing and continuous redness i have been getting over the last few years and am going to ask to be put on some sort of meds. Are there any side affects? Thankyou.
  7. Has anybody ever used this as a cleanser? It says that it can be used as one but it doesnt specifically say the face. One thing is that it contains light mineral oils, are these bad ? It also has ceteyl alcohol(spelling?) is this bad also? I dont know, im really clutching at straws here.
  8. Dices, This is why it is so demoralising for me, I eat well, i drink 3 litres of water a day, i exercise heaps, i dont use harsh products on my face, i dont smoke and rarely drink...? And ppl wonder why i am pissed off all the time. I eat heaps of fruit and have used countless cleansers that are suited for my skin type but they all irritate me. I cant even use products that are suited for babys without becoming dry and irritated. I am truly lost.
  9. Thats good advice guys, i think i am going to go to the beach for a holiday or just simply start going to the beach more regularly(its only about an hour away) it just that the water is still pretty cold and i dont think that the beaches start getting patrolled for a while. I was also thinking about getting this bloody expensive specialty rosacea face wash off this site for about 60 dollars american for 200mls. What you think, it does sound amazing i must say. Either that or i will start washi
  10. Dear Sweetjade1980, The only time i get oil on my skin is when i use a moisturiser, no matter how little i put on it seems to just sit on the surface. Granted it does make my skin feel less tight however it makes my face appear redder for some reason even a few hours later. I went for about a week without using any moisturiser and my skin produced hardly any oil what-so-ever and it was at this stage that i thought i had cracked it, however my skin got so tight that it went shiny almost even th
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, Yeah i have been to a derm before and i went on accutane about three years ago. The Main problem for me isnt actual pimples(although i still get them), its the texture and appearance of my skin that i have been left with after using shit on my face for the past 8 years. Even when i wake up and my face feels really good, i look in the mirror and it literally takes me a few seconds to realise that i am looking at my face and not another person. My skin is constantly b
  12. I have almost lost hope with my skin. I have tried everything over the last few years and nothing seems to be helping the matter. I had been using only water for the last to months and my skin got no worse so that proved to me that i did not need a cleanser to keep my skin relatively clear, however my skin never really felt clean and due to my line of work (landscaping) i felt like dirt was probly just sitting on my face for weeks and weeks. I decided to go back to using cetaphil because it is
  13. Ok, so i have been using only water and moisturiser on my face for about a month now and im glad to say that it hasnt really changed my skin for the bad, however i am getting really frustrated with my skin always feeling tight and raw. i have come to the conclusion that i have very sensitive skin as even the most gentle cleansers dry out my skin and make my skin feel so tight that it goes shiny even if there is no oil on my skin. I have tried every cleanser available including cetaphil, nuetr
  14. What are some natural oils that are best suited for the face? I have been using nothing but water from the tap over the last month and am glad to say that my skin has gotten no worse however i still cant seem to get into moisturising. When i apply it sometimes it is absorbed really well, sometimes not at all and it just sits on the surface and other times it seems i need to keep changing the amount i use. i cant help but think that my skin has become more normal since i stopped using so much shi
  15. So is it better from the tap or from the shower? I cant believe that there would be that much difference but i can seriously feel it, like if i make a facial expression after i have used the water from the shower my forehead feels tight no matter how much moisturiser i use. i just dont get it.