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  1. i didnt drink all through basketball season and i had terrible acne now i get smashed all the time that its over and im clearing up (with the help of mino im sure)
  2. depends on ur dosage, im on 100mg a day and i am almost done my first month, ive seen improvements but nothing drastic, my doctor said it takes about 3 months for full effects, but i will notice a difference in a month, and so far hes been right.
  3. i use it i suppose it works i can't realy tell i find if you put it on a spot the night before the next day it will be a whitehead
  4. my doctor said that too but he said to try minocycline first.. i think ill probably start tane rather then refil my mino
  5. i wish i had skin like yours .. there is definitley hope for you.. talk to a derm or try DKR
  6. almost done first month.. seemed to be working but its starting to come back on my chin again, as u can see i have a lot of damn scars from the severe acne on my chin... im on 100mg per day and clindoxyl gel at night... also u cant see all the whiteheads i have in these pics and some of the scarring and redmarks are not noticeable cuz it was taken with my webcam... my mom has the digi cam so couldnt get ahold of it.. anyways what you think it is.. mild moderate severe.. gimme a rank out of 10 an
  7. i just got out of the shower and my acne seems more red and inflamed.. cuz usually i exfoliate in the shower.. will the redness die down? my acne looks like shit right now because it is so inflamed
  8. i kinda stopped washing my face since i've been on mino.. and i know my acne is clearing up but it still is not completely gone, im almost done my first month of 100mg per day mino and clindoxyl gel.. although all i did differently before was dip my face and apply BP lol
  9. i dont thin it would hurt to heal both at the same time... try the ACV to heal scars.. i hear it works good although i have no personal expeirience... but im halfway done my first bottle of minocycline (antibiotic) for acne.. and i am clearing up very fast i am so please... but i have so many damn scars from the years of acne lol... but i mean its been a couple days since ive had inflamatory acne.. on my 2nd week!! this product is working so well for me you should try it!
  10. dude get antibiotics im on them right now im 16, 6'2 170 pounds, and my skin is ust like urs maybe a ibt worse... im a week on antibiotics and im already noticing the difference... today i did not have one active pimple... and that is AMAZING FOR ME
  11. i would not advise reading this thread and eating breakfast at the same time