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  1. How long after the last acctuane pill can a women get pregnant with out the baby having any type of disorder from the accutane?
  2. How long after the last accutane pill does a women have to wait to have kids with no disorders from the acctuane?
  3. i heard that regular milk is bad for the skin; that it can cause acne or make acne worse. so i was wondering if almond dream or rice milk would be ok for me to drink instead of milk?
  4. if i waited a year after i was done with accutane to get pregnant would my child still be at risk of having a disorder because of the accutane?
  5. its prob your initial breakout. it's just cleaning out your skin. don't worry about it. the more you worry the worse it becomes. just leave it alone and know that it will clear up.
  6. wollflour- my skin problem was hormonal. To help you save time and money i would skip all the topical creams, all the medicines and go on accutane. Accutane is the only thing that i have seen progress with my skin. I am currently on it right now and i am very happy with what it's doing. TRY TO GET ON IT ASAP!
  7. i am on it now. i just finish my first month and it is working great! only thing that i have noticed is dry lips. and i will sacrifice dry lips for clear skin ANY DAY!
  8. hey hey... i got on accutane (amnesteem) about a week ago- 30mg for the first month. i just got a pimple which has a white head at the end (asking me to pop the crap out of it) my question is... do i suppose to leave the white head there and don't touch it? or is it ok to pop it? i feel if i pop the sucker, ill pop out the dirty crap in my skin. if i leave it there won't it just go back under my skin and come back again later?
  9. how about MAC? i don't know if it makes you break out but i use MAC sometimes and i don't feel like i break out from using it.
  10. emsteff90, saveme, and loanstar: thank you. i can't wait to start!!
  11. the picture did not attach in the previous message. so here is me...