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  1. Here's where I'm at right now to give you an idea of what I'm dealing with and so you can see how far I've come when I post occasional photos, which I think I'll do every week or every other week, just depending on how much difference I see in the amount of time ALSO: I should note that I took these photos right after removing my makeup and slathering on my night cream which is why my skin has a sheen to it, it isn't normally that shiny and I know it looks oily in the pictures but I don't norm
  2. Hey there guys, so as the title of this blog suggests, I'm going to be documenting my journey and experiences during the first leg of my treatment with isotretinoin. My dermatologist has me on 3 months to start, and then at that point I'll head into the office again where I assume we'll see what my progress is and determine whether or not I need to or should continue treatment, maybe at a different dosage. Right now I'm on a lower dose, only 20 mg. My dermatologist didn't want to sta
  3. I've been seeing a lot of people on this forum touting the praises of spirulina and chlorella as a dietary supplement that aids in the clearing and healing of acne. I decided to try it for myself several weeks ago and made the mistake of starting off at quite a high dose (9 grams of chlorella and 18 grams of spirulina) and got violently sick... about three days after I started taking it , I was throwing up nonstop for about 10 hours and had terrible stomach cramping. I realized I probably starte
  4. I dunno if anyone else has seen it, and maybe I'm overreacting or being too dramatic but I was really really put off by this Clean & Clear commercial I saw when I was watching late night TV. Basically it was advertising to people by saying when you have a zit (no, not a breakout, not a cluster of zits or even a few, they literally just said A SINGULAR ZIT) that it's all people look at or see when they're talking to you and all they remember about you as a person. I know Clean & Clear is
  5. Not an effective acne treatment

    Being vegetarian for 5 years and counting, I can say it's definitely a great lifestyle choice and overall brings such a great host of benefits but it certainly didn't stop me from eventually breaking out in moderate hormonal acne
  6. Nothing spectacular

    I've been off of gluten for about three months now, my main motivation in making that change was to see if it would make a difference in my moderate hormonal acne. While I have felt a generally better sense of well being (more energy, less stomach aches, bloating, gas, and indigestion) I haven't seen much improvement in terms of my skin. The bumps on my cheeks have calmed down a bit but I still get nasty hormonal flare ups along my chin, jaw, and near my mouth