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    Well, I play the trumpet, piano, guitar, and the organ so I pretty much love music. I like to just hang out with friends and meeting new people is always fun!

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  1. While I was on accutane I had sits all along my cheeks and chin but none on my forehead. It's been about five months, but now I have a bunch of zits on my forehead! I'm not sure I want to go on accutane again, so I was wondering if anybody had a regimen they do to keep the amounts down.
  2. Yeah I do too. I have about a week and a bit left. My skin has been completely clear since like 2 weeks ago so that's the plus side. I just try and deal with the stupid side effects like that. I use oil of olay every morning and have some chopsaver (a chapstick made for musicians and really helps with the chapped lips) and for the nose bleeds I try and use vaseline in my nose. I don't like it at all but if I don't do it every few days then I get a nose bleed. Don't know if any of that helps but
  3. Talk to your derm. It could be an increase in brain pressure which is definently something you do not want.
  4. Yeah I used to work out alot before accutane and then stopped for a while because I was feeling pain in my joints but I just started working out again about a month ago and I've started to feel alot better. I was feeling weak towards the beginning of my accutane course but working out has made me feel better and stay positive which has helped me with my course. I do get sore more easily now but it's worth it.
  5. Yeah I use olay. I have the one for sensetive skin and it works pretty well for me.
  6. Yeah the lips are a bummer. I play the trumpet so it's been bothering me quite a bit. I use beeswax whenever I get the chance. Pretty much unless I'm playing the trumpet I'm keeping my lips like constantly moist with the beeswax.
  7. I know how you feel. I finished about a week ago and my skin has actually improved over the past week. I know it sounds crazy but it really has!
  8. hey we need to talk soon. It's been like forever.

  9. Hey, what up? I haven't talked to you in a long time!

  10. I just sorta do what I normally do I suppose. I'm actually more lazy now that I'm on accutane so I don't really tend to take the time to try and look pretty. It's actually kinda nice not to have to worry about it.
  11. Majorman


  12. I need to talk to you!!!!!!!

  13. see how the topical stuff works for you. I have pretty mild acne and accutane is pretty much the last resort.