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  1. I cut out lactose, and boom, my back and chin acne gone
  2. I feel you, well if you think it could be high carb give it a test by adding alot of fruit like bananas into your diet. If you get no considerate brakeouts, its the gluten. I was clear with a very strict no sugar, bad fat, gluten and casein diet. But guess what, im a soldier and work away from home alot. Now im back on minocycline cause ive got an important date. So frustrating this condition.
  3. Bro, its unlikely you have candida, its an easy and cheap test for it (stool). Gluten and casein are thing to watch out cause they leak trough your gut. Eliminate all dairy and grains including processed foods cause they contain them. Eat fruit, potatoes and sweet potatoes, rice, grass fed meat, chicken, turkey, vegetables and you will be considerably clear in 2 weeks. But anyway im interested in your accutane yourney, please write me a pm.
  4. I react to Oats even "gluten free" ones because they contain a similar protein called Avenin.
  5. Gluten containing foods and drinks including gluten free Oats, dairy, peanuts and vegetable oils.
  6. Hey there, i use Duac, i think its less agrevating then BP gel itself. It is drying, but you wil not feel it, you just might get flaky skin. I read some people had burning sensation. The only time i had it is when i put on Duac on my face before going to a party, where i stood near the mainstage with fires and stuff so it reacted to heat. Anyway it should be used overnight. I suggest u use it regulary instead the BP, this way you get the anti inflamatory effect from Antibio.
  7. Have you undergone the triple antibiotic treatment?
  8. How is your digestion? Are you considering isotretonin in future?
  9. Rice is not bad for acne, if your acne is caused by food sensitivities and you are in training, rice is your best friend. It doesn not contain gluten and its hypoallergenic.
  10. Id like to add, maybe you are good with Oats gluten free ofc. Pea, hemp or rice protein powder. Bacon, eggs, rice or corn pasta. Rice is a staple bb food and its gluten free. Avocados. Im intolerant on peanuts but i can eat almonds, i do consume alot of almond butter.
  11. @swoleMomI bought some L glutamine and started supplementing. Had breakouts on my back, that i associate with dairy intake. Turns out it was contaminated and cuting it stopped the breakouts. It takes like 3 days for me to breakout after ingesting. Hope you find your triggers.
  12. My gluten caused breakouts were itchy and around the mouth/jawline, sometimes if i ate a lot of gluten just before bed time i would wake up with cheeks swollen.
  13. Acne can be caused by food intolerances, food alergies have more severe consequences after ingestion. Common food allergens are Dairy, Gluten grains, soy, nuts and eggs. Im good with soy, eggs and most nuts except peanuts. I believe these are caused by altered gut flora and leaky gut syndrome.
  14. Flax seed oil or flax seed in general is a great food. It contains more Omega 3 than any other food. Omega 3 is an anti-inflamatory fatty acid that helps reduce inflamation in the body. Western diet lacks Omega3s. Its greatest sources are fish and flaxseed. So yes it can help your acne and its good for your health in general but it will not clear your acne unless its caused by omega fatty acids inbalance. Give it a go.