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  1. what did it do in terms of your acne? I was clear beforehand but had to stick to a very strict diet to stay clear. During the fast I broke out super bad around a week in. My skin was fine by the end and havent really had a breakout since, even if I eat the occasional fast-food/junk meal. I took some supllements during the fast as well that I imagine helped as well. Look at my past threads, I made a whole post about it a while back.
  2. Not trying to be a pessimist here, but if you have been doing this with your back already (just using water) and you still have acne there why would it cure the acne on your face? I think its great to just use water, but I personally think it is important to at least lightly rub your face to get dead skin off and stuff. I feel like a dirt-ball if I dont at least wash with water once daily. But hey, thats just me. Good luck tho
  3. THe main benefit is that it just gives your body a break, and allows it to focus energy on healing rather than digesting food. I personally felt fine during a 21-day orange juice fast. I exercised lightly everyday and also was going to school and working full-time. Maybe I'm just a freak but I didnt feel drained or tired like some people have claimed. The first two days sucked, but after that I didnt really think about food. Only reason I stopped is because I lost too much weight, not that I cou
  4. I'm sure if you stick with it you will certainly see results in 10 weeks. A good diet along with a good workout program and you'll be amazed by the results. I finally got my gf working out and she is loving it. Not only is she losing weight but she eats waaay more than before(which is like every girl's dream apparently). JUst focuss on small things like using a higher weight for an exercise or being able to keep up better with the workouts, rather than expecting huge physique changes over night.
  5. As far as cooking meat I'd say anyway you want. I fry my ground beef up in a pan in all that grease.YUM! I cook whole chickens and beef roasts in the crock pot. I usually grill steaks and burgers. Then again, Im not following the typical bodybuilder 40/40/20 P/C/F diet. I guess it depends on your goals and how you react to fat and carbs. After looking at my diet I realized all my macros are pretty much equal, around 250g of each which works out to 4,250 calories/day. Sucks eating so much. I coul
  6. I guess I have childish features. Also no one in my family have alot of facial hair. I think my dad was 30 before he was able to grow a beard. lol. Wish I had this problem. My boss tells me like every other day I need to shave. I HATE shaving, consider yourself lucky
  7. haha, i think you'll be ok. ANyone who tells you 30 minutes a day of sun per day is bad is a fool, just dont get burnt. If anything, Id worry about the people who dont get any sun.
  8. JUST EAT EGGS!!!!!!!! You have asked about these damn egg whites so many times its ridiculous. Quit obsessing about protein and whether people here think something is healthy. If you want to eat 4 meals a day of chicken breast knock yourself out, it cant hurt. You worry way too much man.
  9. It really depends on you to be honest. I know some people like video programs and are more motivated to work hard watching them as opposed to just training on their own. My brother's gf actually has the P90x videos and the workouts actually seem decent from what I've seen. I don't doubt you could get great results, particularly with losing weight. The workouts are LOOONG(compared to mine at least) about an hour each 6-7 days/week I believe. You are bound to see weight-loss results with such high
  10. I had pretty much the same experience as well. I cut out milk for a long time. Probably like 6 months or so. It was basically the first thing I eliminated from my diet when I started. I never saw any direct improvement as a result but avoided it anyway. Once I was clear for a while I re-introduced it to my diet my skin was still clear. I actually think I feel better drinking it and its an easy way for me to get calories. Granted I would never buy the crappy grain-fed pasteurized stuff from the s
  11. 40 per week? wow You should just boil up some white eggs.. they give like 25g each? (protein) and they have barely any carbs. Umm.....eggs have around 6g of protein, you talking about ostrich eggs or something? On a serious note though, maybe start buying ground beef or chicken drumsticks rather than chicken breasts. My protein sources are mainly ground beef, ground lamb, eggs, cheese, and whole milk. These have plenty of protein and plenty of claroies and are CHEAP! I buy all organi
  12. Its different for everyone. I know milk has no impact on me whatsoever. Ive been drinking upwards of a gallon a day of raw milk and kefir and it has no negative impact on my skin. Only way to know is to cut it out completley and see the results.
  13. I went to a holistic practictioner once, and all they did was try to sell me a bunch of supplements. Didnt seem any different than a normal doctor who feels the solution to the problem lies in some magical pills. Hopefully you find a good one and be very cautious about buying the supplements I am sure they will push on you. Chances are you could get them cheaper elsewhere if you decide to go that route. good luck.
  14. just mix with water, lemon, and stevia. tastes pretty good actually. just drink through a straw cuz this combo is horrible for tooth enamel.
  15. I had quite a few spots like that actually. guess im not the only one, haha. My aloe plant seemed to help the most. I would just dab some on whenever I noticed it was flakey or red. Nothing special I guess. Washing my face less helped as well.