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  1. that Neutrogena is crap..I stop using and my skin does not itch and less enflamed.
  2. I have some 10% Vit C serum from a skincare line called Xeridian. I was told it can help fight acne. I was wondering if it helps and what layer should I apply it? I mean first after wash or after Clean & Clear..then moisturize? Or overkill? I also have their Alpha Hydoxy renew serum..I think this is for night..
  3. hey..I am kind of thinking this Neutrogena may be causing more hard then good. 3 days now and seems more red and more bumps and irritated. Itches too. I am now trying a sacylic acid based version of Clean & Clear. I am in Europe and they do not offer OTC BP versions. I am told this sacilic acid version is even better. I will know after a few days of use to compare.. I was at a pharmacy over here and was tempted to buy Eucerin Hydrobalance moisturizer but it was expensive..I looked on back a
  4. I have some new zits on my forehead and seem to get them in Feb..I do not know why. I am using Cetaphil and Neutrogena BP2.5 and wait about 20 minutes and apply either Neutrogena Deep wrinkle cream with Retinol or Nivea Healthy skin face cream..I am wondering if I should not even use a moisrizer cause nothing is working..Maybe BP is no good for it. Should I apply Vit c serum 10%? Help
  5. What is this list? I do not see these in Poland pharmacies or shops as OTC. BP is already banned as a OTC in Europe. Clearasil 3 DN kładniki: Aqua, PPG-14 Butyl Ether, Cetearyl Alcohol, Salicylic Add, PEG-20 Stearate, Hydrogen Peroxide, Parfum, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Stanate. http://vena-vita.pl/produkt,id,65268,clear...+dni%27%27+30ml
  6. I was in Paris and looked at Neutrogena and Clearasil etc and all was using Salicylic acid, as main active ingredient. I live in Poland and there is no Benzoyl Peroxide used in Clearasil or similar products, only Salicylic Acid and alchohol ..(OTC) here..One can find BP I think only by prescription.. Really not so good. If I only knew why?? Maybe this is why so many people here have bad skin and zits. Maybe someone knows why? Well..I just found this: http://www.quick.com.au/europe/ Acne: Tr
  7. I am trying to find acne cream in Europe (OTC) but it all has salcylic acid as main ingredient. Why cannot I find some with BP in it?