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  1. Yeh Ive used it loads, I know its supposed to be good for acne scars, but to be honest I didnt see much of an improvement! I used to massage it into my face in the evenings, my red marks have only spread, but Im sure that its not rubbish just didnt work for me! Goodluck..! xx
  2. Hey, Really want to try this, but do they only sell ACV in health stores? or can you get it in supermarkets too? xxx
  3. Hello! Where is the best place to buy GA? Theyre selling them on ebay but I dont know if I should get some from there or not?? Also, is it better to start with a 5% or just to skip to a 30%? xx Thanksss!
  4. I use the 'Active Moist' by Dermalogica, it was recommended by the dermalogica lady and she said even though I have oily skin I should still moisturise but with oil free stuff. This has been great, I like using it under make up, it makes application easier and takes away any flaky bits. I love Dermalogica generally, so I trust their products, this is no exception..xx
  5. Could someone enlighten me about these mineral make up thingies? I dont get what they are...?
  6. Oh my god I am exactly the same! I feel like I am living a double life to. With make up on you can only notice a few of my spots, but without make up my face is a disaster of red marks, eczema, acne and uneven skin. I feel ashamed of the truth. I avoid people when I have massive break outs, I never sleep over at peoples houses, I avoid relationships and I basically schedule my life around what is going on with my skin. I hate it, and I know its not healthy. I'm slowly weaning myself off make up.
  7. Yeah I cover them pretty well, noone can tell and I get compliments about my 'clear' skin all the time, which is ironic really! Got told I had 'porcelain' skin the other day. I use foundation and then dab concealer onto any marks or spots that you can still see! xx But without it I look terrible, its like Jekyll and Hyde..
  8. Oh no when Im at home it comes off straight away! But I agree my make up thing is becoming slightly obsessive...*panicks*
  9. My sister had it, but then she was prescribed roaccutane and now her skin is perfect! My cousin had it more recently but her skin is on the mend yet she still complains about it even though it seems fine now! It annoys me that although people in my family have it, theirs seems to clear up and mine just stays the same!! grrr x
  10. I know I should do that but its SO SO hard! Its not feeling naked but I know people think I dont have a problem with my skin so I can imagine their shocked faces when they see my skin..it scares me..x
  11. Hey! Not having to wear make up when going out in public would be a great feeling! Im waiting for the day when I can stroll out of bed and go to the shop and not have to go through a 5 hour ritual before leaving the house!! haha, hopefully that day will come sometime this year... xx
  12. I use this brilliant almay liquid concealer, and covers really well, it has no oil, and you only need a tiny bit which spreads and hides the darkest of scars or spots! xx
  13. Hello everyone! The last foundation I used was Clinique but found my skin was always oily and shiny, so I switched to Almay. I use to the Hypoallergenic, Blemish Control Oil free one in Bisque and its been brilliant so far! Not expensive, my skin is no longer oily and I only use a little bit even though I have red acne scars. I still havent finished the bottle I brought even though I use it everyday. The best thing is using a foundation brush, you just put a tiny bit on and it spreads and cov
  14. Hey, Im new to this bored, so I figured I would post a new topic and for once get my feelings about acne off my chest! I started getting spots on my forehead when I was like 16 but it didnt bother me so much and like someone mentioned in another post, i was just grateful they werent anywhere else, like on my cheeks. When I started University they spread onto my cheeks. It happened one spot at a time, lol, that I didnt notice, it was only when I realised I was practically covering my whole fac