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  1. alee

    okay here's my skin

    scar photos
  2. alee


    Thanks emmanuel. I found Meet Pete's story too and that has helped me. It's so hard to make these decisions!
  3. alee


    Those of you who have had laser skin resurfacing, did it help? I have read through this forum many times and usually only find negative comments about ablative laser procedures.
  4. Hi. I've been getting scar therapy from this forum for a few months now. Thank you to everyone for speaking out. I can't even begin to describe the relief gained from reading your posts. I am writing because I went in for a consultation (the doctor checks out in terms of board approval) and was recommended for laser resurfacing. After all the time I've spent reading posts here I was skeptical about the ablative process.. and especially that my skin will change colors/pigmentation. The doc
  5. I look young, so I'm told. But when I look at my own face, the scars on my cheeks age it a lot. They are worse than wrinkles. I just found this page and feel so much relief. I hate the scars.