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  1. So I used the SA for the first time today... And right now I am bright red. As bright red, as could be. It KIND of moisturized but not really. I thought I'd use the SA as a replacement for BP beCAUSE of the redness. aaah well.
  2. I ordered the SA on Wednesday and received it today (Friday). I wish I would have checked my mailbox BEFORE shaving, as that was one of the reasons I purchased this (as a soothing aftershave and for razor bump prevention). I haven't used it yet, seeing as I did my routine earlier, but I will tomorrow. I will say that the consistancy is nice and of course the packaging, shipping was very proffessional. I've been using Differin at night with Jojoba oil/BP combo in the morning, and my skin has
  3. I'm getting to the bottom of my container again and the Benz-oil feel a lot sticker/tackier on my skin. When the jar was new and fresh it absorbed quickly and left my skin baby soft... Now it doesn't absorb the same. Anyone else notice this with their Benz-Oil?
  4. Alright a couple of questions. I am thinking of ordering Finacea from an Australian Pharmacy online. I have been using a concoction of BP with Jojoba oil morning and night. And at night as opposed to applying the BP and Jojoba on my forehead, I've been using differin. My forehead still continues to break out. Mostly blackheads and small bumps. So I think it's comodonal acne. The acne is limited everywhere else, thought I still have blackheads all over my nose and usually have a couple of
  5. So what about fat people with baby smoothe skin. If diet is the main reason for acne, how is that explained?
  6. Didnt break me out at all. Actually it seems to have improved the clarity more than BP alone EVER has.
  7. Hey Takara. I would like to purchase a jar. Haha I can't go without this stuff!
  8. Hey Takara. THanks for sending the second order! To anyone who's thinking about buying this stuff... Takara is the person to go to! Great service and speedy delivery! However, my second batch is not at ALL like the first. It is much more liquidy, with bigger granules. I also noticed on the label that "Water" is an ingredient. Has it always been there? I was under the impression that it was composed of only oils. THis new batch doesnt absorb into the skin. The oil/liquid tends to abso
  9. Hey Takara. I deposited the money into your paypal account and sent you a message via paypal AND ebay to confirm. Is the package on it's way?
  10. Alright, to update you on my progress. I have been almost TOTALLY clear for several weeks now. Any pimples I have gotten are very small and dissapear within a day. My face is a bit red, but if I use less lotion during the day it isn't so bad. Takara, I meant to tell you. I ordered from you off of ebay. You were AWESOME in delivering it out to me. Very quick and efficient. Thanks! However, half of the BP in my container is useless. There is some large gooey clump that takes up about 1/3
  11. This sounds promising. Thanks for the info. As for the "social" debate.... So many of you are wrong on so many levels it's incredible. Pharmaceutical companies do NOT make "tons of profit on the unsuspecting public." As a matter of fact, MOST of those companies never clear costs these days. And that's the GOVERNMENT's fault. Not private businesses. This "cure" will sit on the FDA's shelf for years before it gets cleared. And that is NOT in the best interest of the company. If there is
  12. I live in Texas. The BenzOil seems to work just fine. I would reccomend trying it in combination with the stuff you are doing. Hope that helps!
  13. It's been almost two weeks now. My forehead is a wreck. After a week of the new BP i changed things up. I use the Benz Oil morning and night, but at night I only use differin on my forehead. So at night my forehead = differi , while the rest of the face = BenzOil. I've still had some minor breakouts on the rest of my face though.... Can anyone tell me if they had a "purging" with BenzOil? Or how long it took to work? Should i get rid of the Differin completely and only use Benzoil on my
  14. I appreciate the post. Only thin you fail to mention is.... That humans ingest and absorb more than TWICE the amount of our "carcinogens" from natural foods and products, rather than manmade chemicals...