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  1. Rub potato on your face to help with the hyperpigmentation. Also turmeric face masks will lighten dark areas and marks. That's what iv been using and it works really well. Be consistent and within 2 weeks you'll notice a difference.
  2. I dint know what it is but I have it aswell. I got it 2 months ago and it is definitely fading. Apply rosewater on it frequently to calm thr irritation. Also be very gentle and don't apply harsh products to that area...you'll just worsen it
  3. I'm looking for a good sunscreen for my acne prone skin. I used to use a suncream by garnier but it clogged my pores and broke me out. I stopped using one for around a month and it's summer now so my skin is getting damaged. Everyone says a good sunscreen is needed for preventing severe hyperpigmentation so can someone Please recommend one. I would prefer if it cost no more than 10 pound cause I don't want to be spending a fortune on a sunscreen! Iv heard of the neutrogena ultra sheer sunb
  4. Wow thanks. Just read it. It seems like that may be the answer to my problem. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
  5. That sunscreen sounds pretty good. I'll read some reviews and try it out. Thanks! The potatoes really do work in smoothening and lightning my skin. Also do you use the cetaphil moisturiser as your sunscreen? I thought moisturisers with spf weren't sufficient enough.
  6. That's a good point, thanks. I'll try them out and see how they work. Have you seen an improvement in your skin after using them?
  7. Thanks for the reply. I have glycolic acid pads by nip and fab. Do you think they would work? I want to wear sunscreen but it always breaks me out. I can't find a suncream which isn't pore clogging or comedogenic.
  8. Iv suffered with mild acne for the past 4 years and I wanted to consider taking some vitamins to help even out my skin tone and fade scars and even prevent zits forming. But I don't know what to start taking!! Iv researched vitamin c and zinc tablets , vit e and vit a and vit d. But I don't know what I should take. If anyone has taken vitamins please help and recommend some vitamins Fir me for clear skin. Thank you Ps my skin is not problematic. I just have some hyperpigmentaion scars an
  9. Iv had the same flat hyperpigmentation scars for years and they just won fade!! Does anyone he any advice on how to get rid of them completely? I don't want to use anything too harsh on my skin. At he moment I use the simple gel cleanser and clean and clear oil free moisturiser and rosewater as a toner. I wear a turmeric face mask 5 times a week and rub potato slices on my face everyday and that has only fed them slightly! Please help
  10. I'm 18 years old wth fairly clear skin and monthly breakouts. Y breakouts are always simple red pimples which ALWAYS leave scars. The scars are flat but a dark brown red colour and I've had the scars for years. Every method iv tried can't seem to get rid of them!! Over the last 5 weeks iv been rubbing potato on my face and wearing a turmeric mask and although that had lightened them slightly they won't disappear! Please if anyone had has any advice on how to fade them, share it. Thanks in