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  1. That comment almost made it into my sig. Why WTF is so funny about a fact?
  2. How do most minocycline users take their medication? I'v been taking 100mg first thing in the morning one hour before breakfast, I think maybe it would be better to split the dose into two 50mg doses 12 hours apart. anyone here taking it like that? any thaughts?
  3. That comment almost made it into my sig.
  4. So I'v been on 100mg of mino' per dayfor one month, I have seen little to no improvement. I think the doseage might be too low so I'm going to ask the doc if its o,k to bump it up to 200mg. anyone else here taking higher doses of mino than 100mg? if so, are there any side effects to be wary of? Thanks. -Matt
  5. Thanks, I'v been prescribed 100mg a day also, I thaught I hadn't been prescribed enough because I'm sure I'v read posts on here a few months back by young teenagers who are almost half my weight and are on 200mg. Were you taking 50mg AM and 50mg PM? Sorry to hear it stopped working for you, even if the same happens to me, I'd still be grateful for a few months relief.
  6. ^^Taken from the FAQ at the top of the antibiotics board. I suggest you take 10 minutes to read through it, there is alot of useful information there. Solodyn is a slow absorbing version of mino, maybe you should try doxy next and try it with a topical?
  7. My girlfriend does AM cardio sessions on an empty stomach when she's "feeling a bit fat" and the weight just falls off. She found it hard to get out of bed for a jog in the cold at 6AM too so she baught a spin bike off ebay, now she hardly misses a session. It also helps to put your alarm across the other side of the room and have your workout gear laid out ready so you can jump straight into it.
  8. haha, I used this cack 2 years ago. It tastes rancid and had little to no effect on my acne. Jelly beans would have been better, atleast they would have tasted nice and cost less money. Don't get sucked in, people.
  9. Get a beard trimmer, it leaves a 5,oclock shadow but theres no irritation atall. Just make sure you clean it with antiseptic wipes before and after every use to avoid spreading infection. I'm never going to have a "proper" shave again, even when my skin is clear, why bother putting my skin through that trauma every other day?
  10. What minocycline dosage would you typically expect an 85kg (approx188lb) 24 year old male to be on for the first few weeks of treatment? Even better:is there anyone here who roughly fits this criteria to compare? Thanks!
  11. When this statistic is quoted I think it refers to a one time minor breakout....