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  1. I've been using Shiseido's zinc based 55 block under my makeup for years now, & my oily skin is clear. It has a texurizer in it. It won't make your swkin any less oily than it typically is, but it won't make it worse either. Good luck.
  2. Oh yeah, & makeup forever concealer is full coverage, stays on in even 100 degree heat,
  3. Never saw this reply... I guess you missed this, didn't ya.... http://thebeautybrains.com/2009/02/17/is-s...wder-dangerous/
  4. Try splashing your face with lukewarm water, pat dry gently, wear petroleum jelly/vaseline to bed... Or use jojoba oil before bed. It will help to restore your protective barrier.
  5. Hi guys, thought I'd post up my regimen for a face that absolutely needs to stay put under harsh, humid conditions. Not sure if it is able to be modified for darker complexions...? Anyways, I need a real sunscreen on my face, so I use Shiseido 55 block, & it has been a life saver for me. image- http://www.sun-block.net/d/sale.photo/0/b/...SPF-55-PA-2.jpg All other products have failed for me in major ways. I let that sit for 10 to 15 minutes before putting on makeup... I skip foundation
  6. ~ Dee

    Made a mistake :(

    Oh, & I use jojoba oil, baby wipes, & then wash with Johnson's head to toe baby wash.... It's cheap, works for me, & is widely available... I think I have the dessert essence jojoba right now. The problem with any waterproof serious spf is that it's tough to get it to come off your face later.
  7. ~ Dee

    Made a mistake :(

    I have melasma, oily skin, and scars... I have been using Shiseido 55 block for literally years now... It doesn't make my skin anymore oily than it already was, & I wear makeup over it everyday. It utilizes zinc oxide. I only use a lotion at night. My preference is the cerave in the pump bottle. Also tried and tested, & used after a TCA peel. Good luck!
  8. Yes, they can help for many users. Shop around a lot to make sure you are getting the best deals and light nanometers for your money. Good luck!
  9. http://www.light-therapy-led.com/products.htm As long as your light nanometers are in range you can use whatever light you want in blue or red or the combination. I own a beautyskin light box as well as an acnelamp... More recently I found this ^ website where I bought two red bulbs. I put them into sockets I bought for a buck or two at my local hardware store & plugged them directly into an extension cord, creating the home version of a baby quasar for a fraction of the cost. This has
  10. It's normal, your skin is likely to be getting healthier. Existing bacteria under the skin will begin to come up. The difference I noticed with the aid of the lights was that they'd cycle on out of my life faster. Because the blue light is killing bacteria, & the red light is healing existing lesions.
  11. Yes, I used a combination of salicylic acid & glycolic acid, found it worked great with the light therapy.
  12. Thank you! I may try that out.
  13. I cut my own bangs all the time... But, how do you do the back of your hair, if you have long hair?
  14. Ok, I used this thing that looks like a miniature medieval torture device the other night... Was worried it'd hurt... I ended up doing my whole face with it. It actually felt good! But, a little while later it sorta felt like I had a sunburn. I'm glad I had two days off after. I'd recommend at least one day after for downtime, just for first time users. Too soon to tell about any possible results, but I figured I'd put in an update. The needles are too small for majorly invasive scar treatment.
  15. I can think of two off the top of my head... Makeup Artists Choice Platinum Skin Care