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    Whiteheads, Acne, Dry Skin And Hormones

    It might be that your body is dehydrated? I suffer from very dry/ eczema skin and understand you when you say not even oil hydrates the skin in the slightest. Perhaps your skin has gotten better since you posted this! (Hopefully that is the case!) If not, then maybe it is some from of dehydration. I just started using a natural progesterone boosting serum because I too believe my skin issues are linked to my hormones. Good luck!
  2. onthego

    Ocean Water

    Ocean Water

    I went on a trip and swam in the ocean for a week straight and my skin was in the best condition it's ever been. I started my week with extremely dry skin with acne and ended the week in beautiful glowing skin! I went home and quickly created my own concoction. In a glass spray bottle I mixed in sea salt water (boiled together prior to adding it in bottle) and then some drops of purification essential oil and thieves. It smells delightful and goes on very evenly AND it refreshes my super dry ski
  3. onthego

    Reduces Redness

    Reduces Redness

    I suffer from minor acne but excessive redness from acne spots. I wash my face normally and without drying my face I spray this amazing spray and it seems to reduce redness. I've been using it for three months and I can easily say it's a must have in my daily routine. Not only does it keep my EXTREMELY dry skin moisturized BUT it smells pleasant. I use this after I wash my face, before I apply makeup, after I apply makeup (as a setting spray), when I need refreshing, and whenever else! It's inex