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  1. Ive been lazy and been buying it at the supermarket. Name-brand is about $14 for 10 pills... But I bought Store-brand for $17 for 30 of them. So, not too pricey... Thank you, I also heard costco has it for crazy cheap. heitea if it's histamine related... what is it causing my body to freak out in the first place? It's stopped my back, scalp, and face acne... or is it that I'm still technically getting acne, but my body doesn't respond by creating inflammation anymore?
  2. Just an update, I've still been on it since this post and I'm incredibly clear... like it's been years since I was this clear. If I skip a single day though, I start to breakout. My sister started also, she's 40 and still has acne, and she said it's also been helping her. o.O
  3. Hey! Long time no talk.. So here's my situation. I've had acne for 11 years, and have been on the regimen for about 8. Sadly, it's never completely stopped my acne, it just helps a bit with the healing process and it stops white-heads. Anyway, I got bit by some flees a few weeks ago, and I read that Claritin helps with the itching, so I took some for 4 days... During this time, I was also kinda sick and lazy and didn't use the regimen. Normally, my acne would explode. But... it actually i
  4. I agree! I just have to accept that the results I have now are the best it's probably gonna get. And they are pretty good results Also, your avatar is pure win. Just sayin'
  5. Thanks for the comments guys! AcnePwns: I know what you mean... I don't scar so much anymore, but I get red/brown marks that last for months =/
  6. Ohhhh.... ok Thanks! It was driving me nuts lol
  7. Hello everyone, if you check my past posts... there's a lot of depressing things... but finally, I can post something that's happy! I'm FINALLY comfortable with who I am... living with acne. I'm now 23 years old... I started here almost 5 years ago. And, I still have acne. The difference? I've done a complete 180 about my feelings about it. I no longer worry about having a few pimples or red spots... my confidence is so much better. Why? Honestly... IDK why I'm becoming more comfortable. May
  8. I just got a notification email stating I had a new comment on one of my gallery photos that I posted about 2 years ago. But, I can't figure out how to view i! I go to the image, and it says: Comments: 2 But, how do I view them? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. Just an update to this... yea, its old... but figured I'd update.. So, the nurses regime just made it worse... The Retin A did absolutely nothing. Didnt even make my skin peel, or burn... and I was using it once or twice a day o.0 I must have some non sensitive skin. Also, I found out that pills are only temporary, and must be stopped after a while. Well, if I have lifetime acne... whats the point of even risking destroying my organs for a temporary cure? It didnt even help after a full prescri
  10. rocketteem

    Me now with an ALMOST clear face

    Have been on the regimen for 3 years
  11. Hey guys! I have been gone for quite a while... so I wasn't sure how to re-appear, so I'll re-introduce myself. I'm a 22 year old Male, I have been on the acne.org products since 2006, and they have worked wonders for me. Prior to use, I had horrible acne, with white-heads, systs, all that fun stuff. But with the change to using Acne.org AHA, BP, and Jojoba Oil twice a day, it has gone down to 4-5 bad areas, and they only turn red, and go away after a few days. No more infections and such. But
  12. Hello! So.. about 5 days ago I got a really bad breakout of Pustules on my face.. I normally almost NEVER get any white-head acne like this.. usually just bumps that go away in 2-3 days... but randomly I broke out like crazy with this. I first got on at my upper lip, which actually swelled my entire lip up, and one below my bottom lip between my mouth/chin... They were EXTREMELY painful.. both to touch, and radiating. I haven't changed off of the regimine at all.. so no idea why this has happe
  13. Sounds good, BUT... using a sterilized needle/sharp object is better, and let it drain itself, and rinse it out with water. Pushing on the skin can break blood vessels and cause pain/infection and only make it worse... so pushing until it starts to bleed a lot is also not the best. Either way, popping is not best.. But sometimes, it is indeed necessary...