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  1. Hello. I am a 22 year old female, about 140 lb, on 30 mg/day Sortet for the first month. So this is my Accutane journal and I’m thinking I’ll just keep it up for information and encouragement (for you guys). I’ll probably only post about once a week or with updates. Ok so, I’m on about day 10… I’m not actually sure because I broke all the pills out on the first day and put them in a pill bottle. During the first week my skin was pretty oily and I had some break-outishness (a.k.a
  2. you look like an angel.
  3. I eat baby meals, lots of fruits & veggie (tables), no meat (yuck), no dairy (just almond milk), never work out, lots of disco dancing in my bedroom (door shut) & sexy sex... conclusion: fit as a tree, staight and narrow, nice and lean.
  4. Not the truest of trues. Flax oil is super duper dandy for me.
  5. Flax oil works good too. Oil (yum), tastes like shit but it does the trick! Goody goods. Oh, and yes, veggie (tables), they work too, oh yes!
  6. I eat veggie sandwiches twice a day with carrots and haven't broken out since (but I'm an abnormally healthy person). They usually contain rice bread (I believe I'm intolerance to wheat/gluton), red pepper humus, spinach, avacado, carrots, vegenaise, broccoli sprouts, and veggie cheese. I also take borage oil capsules (after a meal with lecithin mixed into almond milk to increase absorption), a multi-vitamin, and flax seed oil. Wash with water or honey, tone with a toner i made myself (triple
  7. I've pulled wheat from my diet a week ago and am already seeing an improvment. I've been eating rice bread and rice english muffins. I only wish there was rice pita bread. I love my pitas! I've also been drinking aloe vera juice to heal my damaged intestines.
  8. hello. i am 100% clear. that's right friends! and if it wasn't for this website i would have never gotten there... so read this if it's the last thing you do. trust me. 100% clear, living proof. to start with: Supplements: • Nature’s Way brand Borage 1000mg (2x/day) • Nature’s Way brand Evening Primrose (high potency) 1300mg (2x/day) • Health from the Sun brand Black Currant 1000mg (2x/day) • Solgar brand Zinc Citrate 30mg (2x/day) • The Lecithin from Lewis Labs (granules)
  9. Hi. I have been taking these supplements (listed below) for about 1 1/2 weeks. My skin is now 80% clear. I no longer have any cysts on my chin, pustules on my cheeks, or white heads. I do still get blackheads and very small clogged pores that are easily taken care of and do not last for days and days, as they did before. Using a scrub daily seems to help with this problem. My skin also seems to heal much more quickly. Once I'm done with the bottles I'm using I plan on going down to half of the d
  10. The Whole Foods brand Food Based One is a multivitamin, mineral and herbal folmula and has 10mg of B12 which 167% of the daily value. Thank's for recommending it though, I sometimes get lazy about taking my multivitamins.
  11. Hello. The other night I read the entire "Evening Primrose Oil" message board, and, having always been a fan of holistic medicine and supplementation (“Go team holistic medicine and supplementation!†Dork.), I decided to give this GLA regimen a try. I took the supplements listed below for only 1 day and already I am seeing results. I woke up in the night to use the restroom and to my amazement no new pimples have formed (and this is an unusual occurrence for me) and my skin looked general