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  1. Hello! Are you talking about type 1 diabeties or type 2 ? I'm assuming type 2. About insulin resistance - surely the point is to eat a diet with a low GI or GL ? I.e. to avoid blood sugar peaks and surges of insulin? And to keep a optimal BMI body weight and to exercise frequently (and presumably, not to eat excessive calories?)
  2. Ad-free is the way to go. Plus, can you imagine the dodgy ads that'd come up? Plus I wouldn't want anyone of us to be lured into some con/miracle/snake oil- type sites under the pretence of getting clear skin. I generally find searches really useful in looking for particular information, like all the posts related to azelaic acid for instance. Chances are, someone else has asked the same question. Anyhoo, great site nonetheless!
  3. It certainly looks impressive on paper. I'm really hoping it'll help me.... and some of the reviews have been amazing! So has it made you clear? What kind of skin did/do you have? My problems are mostly tons of little bumps, clogged pores and then usually one inflammed mega-pimple-whitehead on the go, which will then leave a red/brown mark for the next 6 months. Oh and blackheads..... Fingers crossed! I pick it up from the pharmacy tomorrow. I'm going to be using skinoren 20% cream.
  4. My family doctor prescribed it to me. I actually haven't come across it before, but the more I read, the more I think its a very good fit for me: - It is antibacterial - It slows down the growth of keratin - something I think lies at the root of my problem because I always have lots of tiny white stuff sticking out of my pores - It is relatively non-irriating - It is non-toxic, something important to me because I'm somehow scared of the really severe chemicals - It fades the red hyperpig
  5. Hello Just some little suggestions for the site..... Is is possible to have the search function linked to google? I mean, basically use the google search thing to just search this site? I've seen it on some other BBs and its great. Because the search option that is on here at the moment is abit frustrating..... Also, I noticed that the links to the 'read the full story' bit don't work....such as: http://www.acne.org/prescription.php?view=Azelaic+Acid And then the link is dud. Or at leas
  6. Hello! Well I'm not sure with the mandelic acid but how is your skin reacting to all this? Is it clearing up? I mean, the skin is your true guide. I'm just guessing that: green cream + BHA and then the MA might be a touch irritating to the skin. Personally, I would only do one product per night period. If you add too much into the mix, you can't tell what works and what doesn't; you need consistency with most of these products; and more products don't always mean better results. How
  7. Thanks for your kind reply LionQueen! I guess it really will take that long. The good thing, my skin seems to be pretty resistant, so far I've not had any redness or whatever. I guess its just a very good product. I actually really like it! I used to use (ages ago) something called 'nighttime treatment gel' by Clinique (yes, I know, most of their acne prodcuts are useless, but this was great) and its discontinued, but I'm fairly certain that the active ingredient was salicylic acid. I'd l
  8. So, I'm using a layer during the day on my pores.... my forehead I'm using BP 4% and on my nose and cheeks and chin I'm using the BHA 2% gel. How long do you start seeing results? So far, its been a couple of days (yes I know not long enough) and although it was a nice texture, nice feel etc and I haven't had any irritation, I haven't started seeing any 'clearing' yet. I guess I'll be using it for a long time...... I'm determined to beat my biology and get my skin looking smooth! I have c
  9. Also (unfortunately) clogged pores etc are just a genetic trait. Its a chronic condition that won't just go away with a facial. I mean, it might go away for a couple of weeks, but clogged pores will always come back - simply because thats the nature of the skin that we've inhertiated. I would actually think about using some of the creams as suggested in LionQueens pinned post at the top.
  10. Hello! I'm relatively new to all this (but not to acne or comedones unfortunately) but I think irritation and skin tolerance might also be a factor to consider into the equation. I mean, something might be effective, but it also might be really irritating, so perhaps you'd not want to use it.
  11. Hey folks, I'm thinking about trying Diacneal by Avene, and I was wondering where do you get it from? Can you just walk into a shop (Boots, etc etc) and buy it? And if so, which ones? Ta!
  12. I've been using it for 2 days now and, well, it seems fine. Obviously its way too early to tell if its doing anything properly, but I'm finding it very nice. Perhaps some roughness has been sloughed away on my chin, but perhaps that is just wishful thinking. I even like the smell.
  13. Hiya Have a look at: http://www.acne.org/lemon-juice-applied-to...s/73/page1.html
  14. Helllllo to all you kind folks who replied to my somewhat angst ridden post. I feel slightly embarrassed by it now! But anyway. I suppose I don't have bad acne, but still. Its not so much that, I realise that its probably mild, its just that I've had it now for 13+ years constantly with no sign of growing out of it! It didn't bother me too much when I was a teenager (like 10 years ago now!) because I thought that by now (I'm nearly 28) I'd have grown out of it. Plus lots of other kids h
  15. Ahhhh ahhh ahhhh!!!! I'm totally fed up with my skin!!!!! I'm completely and utterly sick of it. I'm 27 female and have been battling mild/moderate acne all my life. Aghhhhh! Its not even so much the actual acne - I usually have one or two pustules and either an active nodule or its dying remains - its the red hyperpigmentation marks, the clogged pores, the red marks the clogged pores. THE CLOGGED PORES! The thing is, I wouldn't say that my skin was oily - it produces normal amounts o