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  1. excessive alcohol and chocolate/oily food will earn you a massive cyst the next day. puke/sick it if you know how if you dont want ugly scars next day. take it from an ugly shit. just letting you know so you dont end up like me love ya
  2. just wondering if anyone knows of the most abrasive/aggresive lasers available..? also, if someone knows links to possible risks?
  3. should i sick it after in case i get cysts? stupid question, i know. who actually does this?
  4. nah, make up is cool. go for it, buddy.
  5. there are a lot of treatments out there. from reading around the boards, it's pretty expensive. depending on your situation, you can spend between $260 just on the filler (bio-alcamid is the cheapest, i think), and get ur doctor to innject it. microdroplet silicone is permanent, which i've been looking into. thing is though, it's the most expensive and risky because it is permanent. it really depends on your situation -how scarred you are. good luck on making your decision. all i've done, tho
  6. Ok, I'm almost certain alcohol contributes and may possibly causes breakouts and halts scar healing, but who can actually refuse the thought of a drink when they want one? I have pretty extreme acne scarring, with a few break outs when I eat something not on the 'organic' list. But I'm tired of obeying 'acne people' rules! Just a random outburst. That's all! ...
  7. just bumping this up. no one replied and i have similar scarring up close.
  8. lately, from what i've seen on ET interviews and whatnot, it's been easy to tell she's been more 'out of it' than usual. did anyone see the final few, where she was asked about her involvement in the death of her son?
  9. yeah, accutane. be aware though, some people have said accutane actually causes further scarring. never tried it, so look into that more. good luck with whatever you choose to do for the scarring. anyway, i really just messaged to say U ARE HOT!
  10. this might be a silly question, but when you say dermabrasion is free in public hospitals, do you mean it's free provided i have health insurance?
  11. sad to hear about the medicare rebate not really existing for fraxel. i did look up who offers it nonetheless and here's a list: considering there is no real rebate, i'll think about microdroplet silicone. i don't think dermabrasion will do much for my scarring though. thanks for the advice though