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  1. Hi everyone, I used to post all the time in these forums about a year or so ago, but as they say when people's skin clears up they no longer have a reason usually to come to this message board. So this is my first post in a long time but I just wanted to let people know what worked for me and what is continuing to work for me. I am a 24 year old female who had moderate acne, not cystic but still fairly bad, also body acne too. I tried all kinds of stuff including the regimen( which worke
  2. i have an almost untouched full size jar of aromaleigh pure powder in 2w(light-warm) that i will happy to send for free to someone since it wasn't the right color for me. If you want it just pm or leave a reply.
  3. well i can't believe it's been so long since i posted last but i guess what they say is true...the people it works for are out there enjoying their lives not posting on acne boards like the people who are having problems with accutane. I've been on accutane now for over 3 months. Right now i'm taking 80 mg. a day. I weigh 125 lbs. I'm buying from Europharmacy.com using accuran(they are now out of stock i believe) and i got my presciption for $15 from e-med.com. I have no acne at all on my face a
  4. Ok after researching it for several months all over the internet i found the way to get the cheapest ro-accutane as well as how to get a legitamite presciption for $15 w/out having to see a doctor. For me a prescription and three boxes of 20 mg. pills are costing only about $120. There is no cheaper price on the net and it's from a reliable source. However just to make sure nothing messes this up for me until i'm through with my treatment i won't be posting the details here for casual readers. I
  5. it's been close to 2 months at mostly 40 mg. a day somedays only 20. I have NO breakouts at all on my face!!!! Not even a zit or one clogged pore...it's sooooo cool!!!!! :D/ still some small body breakouts but all in all I'm happy with my progress. I've been using Nueutrogena multivitamin acne lotion to fade redmarks at night and alpha and beta hydroxys at night on chest and back to fade those marks. During the day, vita k on my face. No side effects besides the moderately chapped lips...my ski
  6. hey..when i went on the site they said accuran was back ordered until mid may so maybe the transaction hasn't gone through yet? Did you use a script to order from them? I was thinking about ordering too but only if your's is a success.Please let us know what happens and how long it takes to arrive etc. Sorry to hear about your trouble
  7. jhonson and jhonson moisturizing baby wash..my skin is really sensitive too and this is super gentle and cheap!! and it also cleans very well.
  8. also bahopeta..what's the point of even going on accutane if you're not going to do it right.Yes, you are taking risks going on accutane as a last ditch effort which is precisely why you should do it right the FIRST time, so you don't need to take the risks of needing a second course.DUH!! :roll: and if you believe a lower dose is just as effective long term...why not ask how many of us here are on our second course for that exact reason?
  9. i use vita-k and at night 2 % salicylic acid which fades red marks but for some reason it doesn't dry my skin at all.
  10. two questions Jaybert 1-what type of accutane was it? how was it packaged 2-did you use a prescription to order it? Thanks!! p.s. ok i lied that was 3 ?'s
  11. all the studies i've read clearly state the higher the dosage (in keeping with your weight..about 1mg/per kg) the better the result and odds of needing a second course are greatly reduced!
  12. i started with 20 mg. i think the breakout is differant for everyone. Mine wasn't too bad..just a few larger than normal pimples.
  13. 1 month and 4 days well everything is about the same dry lips and a few larger pimples..i think my body acne is starting to clear finally No side effects to speak of. I started taking milk thistle herb to protect my liver as recommended by Dr. Weil www.drweil.com (good site!!) Just got in my order from www.hairlossdrugs.8m.com one of the lowest prices on the net for accutane 20 mg. 30 pills for $75 it took about 2 weeks to arrive and no scip needed. I just bought a new car got a good job
  14. oh yeah...here is how i know it's the real thing :wink: it came in the official roaccutane box with the medication pamphlet and it was 3 packs with roaccutane pills half white half violet the warnings in differant languages in blister packs expires 6/2004 with roche written on it too. That's the real thing baby!! No small time guy could fake all that ,so i will be ordering from them again.