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  1. i shave before just so i can get all the dirt off the razor that was on my face
  2. as far as my knowledge goes i would say no but i'm not a chemical engineer or anything
  3. so i used desitin again and it made me get another pimple which is really annoying. it doesnt seem to be helping with redmakrs all that much and i have been using it for 3 days
  4. well i left it on last night and it made one of my whiteheads like super huge.. i see some improvement with my redmarks but it had a side effect. =/
  5. It wont make any difference over the course of one night! :confused: Try it for a few days at least. You may see a difference. Sudocrem seemed to make a difference for me after 3 days. i was under the impression that it was a miracle cream that worked in one night :(
  6. i put desitin cream last night and let it on all night and then put some on this morning because i wasn't going out and it didnt really help at all maybe theres some improvement but it isn't very noticiable
  7. were people talking about how desitin the 10% creamy is the same as sudocrem or is it he 40% desitin
  8. i bought some desitin and used it today and it made my skin SUPER flaky... is this normal?? i think it has something to do with the bp
  9. is using bp with this required for this to work? or do some people not include the bp and has had some success
  10. wel i put it on and have had it on for about 15 min and not irritating at all after i put on my moisterizer just makes my face really white
  11. would it be bad if i put neutrogena bp face mask on over night? i know it isnt a bp cream and im only suppose to put it on for 5 minutes but im running out of regular bp cream and i dont want to let this stuff go to waste
  12. i use the lotion and it makes my skin super flaky does the cream do that
  13. i use moisterizing lotion. its really falky
  14. would bp 3.5% work the same as 2.5% anyone?