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  1. im using epiduo and sunscreen during the day and using meladerm and moisturiser during the night, is that ok?
  2. these are the marks in bright sunlight, u sure they will go?
  3. this is my skin under bright light, anyhting i should be worried about? or will they all go with time and patience? only reason im asking is because there are slight holes and indentations and was wondering if they fill in naturally?
  4. Yeah I will post pics after a few months, quick question like I have large pores on my cheeks and also some holes however they're not deep so I was wondering would dermarolling get rid of it or should I go for a chemical peel
  5. lol trust me mate, sometimes im like lol dw about your scars they will go with time and other times i keep thinking that youve has bad skin for nearly 1 year now , the marks are going to stay there for life! think i just need re assurance they will go lol
  6. guys quick question, i have decided to go to a clinic and get a treatment done to hurry the process up! i was wondering what treatment would suit my skin best: alot of hyperpigmentation with some holes and shallow scars
  7. finished it about 5 months ago, should i refrain from using glycolic acid?
  8. new regimen: cetaphil cleanser epiduo aveeno moisturiser glycolic acid 12% every other day
  9. yh cant lie i think the regimen even after a few days is making my skin look worse! i think that im being to harsh on it. am gonna just use epiduo cream
  10. hey guys im starting to get spots, help!
  11. yeah deffo my skin feels so smooth after using the soap, its not drying!
  12. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4375771/
  13. ok guys, will update you on my skin after 1 month... my routine if anyone wants to know; AM: -african black soap -Meladerm (skin lightener) -Sunscreen PM: -african black soap -glycolic acid (12%) -retin a (0.025%) -Meladerm also will derma roll every month wish me luck!