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  1. Yaz has been SUCH a blessing for me. I'm 25 now, I was on all different antibiotics through my teens, in my early 20s I took Accutane, the only thing that really helped. I have moderate to severe acne, with cysts and deep nodules. A year after Accutane, my skin was starting to break out kind of bad again. I thought I was going to have to get back on accutane. I noticed after a few months off birth control that I seemed to get really bad cysts/nodules about 2 weeks before my period, pretty muc
  2. I also work in a nursing home (Im a CNA) I wouldnt take to heart what they say. They are dimented.
  3. Oh yes, old people are actually worse than children because one expects better of them. Remember though that they are in essence back to childlike and don't think of the impact it has on someone. Their excuse is dementia! I just yell "Thanks for asking!" Once I was rather frustrated because one woman asked me daily for a year and a half, "What's wrong with your face?" I finally replied in great frustration, "That was a rude question." She replied, "You're right, that was rude of me." Sh
  4. I completely know how you feel...I recently went to the Clinique counter in search of some full coverage foundation to hide myself in because I couldn't take it anymore...the guy at the counter proceeded to tell me about a product that was great for "skin with acne." I was so embarassed at the fact that he even mentioned it. I cringe at the word. I hate making doctors appointments and having to say "acne" when they ask why. Not only that, but I work in a nursing home. Old people will say an