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  1. Yes, I really do!!! YAY, is this a weekly thing now?
  2. Ugh. Sorry guys, I couldn't join. I wanted to use my phone but apparently Windows Phone and Google hangouts aren't exactly best friends. I tried working things out for about 30 minutes, but I gave up, annoyed. My PC îs unfortunately not an option atm... So maybe next time :(. I feel bad. I really wanted to be there.
  3. Hey guys, here's the question on Realself: https://www.realself.com/question/romania-ro-mole-implants-cover-small-depressed-scars
  4. I purchased the Clarins one recently, since everybody recommended it, but I haven't got the chance to try it yet; maybe this weekend. I also got the W7 Porefection primer, because it's super cheap and a lot of people say it's very similar to the Benefit's Porefessional one. We'll see :P.
  5. You should maybe take a look at this topic: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/361161-scars-cover-up-tips-tricks/ Personally, I wear big round sunglasses during the day, and thankfully they cover the noticeable scars on my face. You said you have scars on the sides of your face too, but also in the center. This might help for those centered scars. Plus, sunglasses are cool and mysterious, I love mine :P.
  6. I'm pretty sure everyone will be socially awkward at first :P. I mean, I sure as hell am on a daily basis.
  7. Probably in the very distant future. First, it has to be released to the public. Then, it's probably going to be extremely expensive.. and finally it might become an option for regular people. Still, it's worth being optimistic about it. At one of my old workplaces, we had a 3D printer. It was actually super interesting to "play with it". I can see skin, organs, body parts etc. being made with a more professional printer easily. Fingers crossed for our future selves.
  8. No problem, let's just hope doctors will actually answer. And I'd totally pay for this, scars or no scars. I actually don't have any ice picks and the scars I wanna get rid off are pretty wide so unless I get about 5 huge moles implanted on my face, I don't see this working very well for me... maybe for some scarred pores it'd be great though. But I'd still want some moles anyway 'cause they look super cute! Also, imagine people who had their freckles and moles removed asking for them back, wh
  9. I think this has a lot of potential and I'm definitely in. I know it sounds scary, but what if it actually helps us? We are social creatures, guys.. and the whole scarring bullshit makes a lot of us feel really lonely sometimes. It might be worth a shot! You literally have nothing to lose, except a few minutes of your time.
  10. I'm going to take the plunge and ask the question myself. Let's hope I get a decent answer, not just the regular "The gold standard in treating scars is the CO2 laser; in other words that's all we know how to do and most of the times, we fail at that too 'cause YOLO". I asked the question. I have no clue where to find the link to it lol. Apparently, I'm going to get an email when a doctor answers, so I'll keep you all posted.
  11. I have the feeling that people on here have met up probably even in real life. Do you mean.. by accident, without even knowing? Or as in a real meet up? And yes, a new topic would be great! We should get a better idea of who wants to join in the fun :P.
  12. Yes! We could start slow, no predetermined schedule.. just pick a date and get together to talk? We don't even have to use webcams or whatever at first.. just talk... about whatever the hell we want. If it turns out to be a good idea, we can pick another date and so on.. Is anyone else interested in this?
  13. Yeah, I'm pretty sure anyone would prefer a mole instead of an ice pick; what I meant was... I think mole implants are a thing and there are doctors who do them, but the whole thing is not exactly popular, because most people choose to remove their freckles and moles. So there's limited information about the procedure online. You could maybe ask on Realself :P.
  14. I think you can get something put into the skin, too. I'm just not sure what the fake moles are made of. You can also tattoo it on, but yeah, that doesn't really solve anything.
  15. Yeah, I'm pretty confused about that too. Could it be because my scars are very new? Who knows. I'm getting another FUN treatment ( dermapen + PRP ) tomorrow; I cannot wait to look like a serial killer :P. Yep, I'm from Romania. Why?
  16. Oh, I wanna add something interesting to this! So.. I've never had perfect skin.. I mean I have, before hitting puberty, but that doesn't count lol. My acne was not severe at all, maybe moderate at its worst; it was not cystic and it didn't scar me. But I'm a picker (dermatillomania kind that needs therapy.. yep), which means my skin was constantly irritated and raw. I also have dry skin so flakiness was a bonus - imagine patches of open wounds combined with patches of skin falling of your fac
  17. I'm sorry you're going through this. If you post some pictures, a lot of people here could help guide you in the right direction :). Also, you should read this http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/361029-acne-scar-qa-faq-library-of-popular-threads/ .
  18. Oh yeah, it seems a lot of people here like the micro swelling after needling/laser. If you get somewhat similar effects from a 0.5mm needle at most, I think it's safe to do it at home quite often. I think you could only needle individual scars with short needles in order to avoid irritated skin all over your face, but still plump up those scars a bit. Unfortunately for me, I haven't experienced that at all :(. I don't know how this is even possible. I've only done micro needling twice, once a
  19. Hello guys! So here's an idea. I think we should have a special topic dedicated to ways to cover up indented scars, either on a daily basis or for special occasions etc. I don't think this topic should be under Cosmetics & Grooming, because it easily gets lost there between all the topics related to acne only. I guess we all know that hiding acne and hiding scars are two different things and most people who suffer from scarring visit the Scar treatments subforum only. Also, covering up sca
  20. Gotta love that sarcasm Also, I meant optimism as in.. My skin/scars suck, ok. But what else doesn't suck in my life right now? Oh, that thing! I'll focus on that for a while.
  21. That might be fun! But does that mean I have to clean my room wtf? JK.. but not really. And yeah, the "fuck off" attitude is pretty awesome, but hard to achieve on a daily basis. I've shed my fair share of tears ever since my skin went to hell, and I know I'm going to shed a lot more, but there are days when I focus all my energy into being optimistic and it works! I think it is okay to allow yourself to be sad and, by all means, do whatever it takes to get your skin to a state you'd be happy
  22. Everyone's skin is different and reacts differently to certain ingredients, so I'm not sure if we can help you. Buuut... there are a lot of helpful resources about cosmetic ingredients online. Just google "cosmetic ingredients database/dictionary" or the name of the ingredient alone and you should be able to learn whether it's good or bad for the skin. Again, everyone's skin is different so do a test spot first!