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  1. I don't think there is a lot of bacteria in the ocean, though everything has a lot of bacteria covering it or in it. But the salt and other minerals in the ocean are very beneficial to some people.
  2. Some how that doesn't disgust me.... It's just dead skin cells and sebum. You have that on your face right now.
  3. Leopard print is fine in moderation. Such as if you we're wearing a black dress and you had a leopard print purse. Honestly though I hate leopard print shirts and skirts.
  4. does anybody know if this does anything for non flamed acne such as those skin colored bumps, and no I'm not taking about milia, also how drying is it? My skin is so odd that it will be dry and cracking yet still be an oil slick.
  5. I managed to find a wonderful boyfriend despite having acne. It is possible.
  6. I just use a baby brush found on the baby aisle of any store. Or a normal wash cloth.
  7. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Make-up or Almay Skin Clearing Foundation Revlon Colorstay broke me out!
  8. Well when i use to use powder i liked covergirl fresh complexion. It's in a blue compact. Btw I discovered that recently powder had been causing skin colored bumps to form all over my skin.
  9. I've managed to meet an amazing person who thinks i'm the most beautiful person in the world even though my skin is crap. It is possible.
  10. Well i know they use to treat boils and such buy slicing them open and draining them and then apply some sort of essential oil. I think rose water or oil or whatever it's called. So i would think they would do something like that. Or apply a bunch of "prescribed" herbs or oils. But if you were a peasant you would probably have to suffer with it because the high class were really the only beautiful ones back then.
  11. About 5-10 minutes to blow dry and like 15-20 minutes to straighten.
  12. What's the product? You may just need to exfoliate and moisturize.
  13. Yea, and I kind of grow sick of looking at those kids with zits all day too. So I guess it is a test for me.