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  1. okay i'm freaking out, i'm so fuxking tired of my acne,, i've always had acne on my face,back,arms,shoulders,thighs and hips. but NEVER in my life have i gotten acne on my chest! and now suddenly i got a lot of pimples on my chest... (ya i'm on my period but still, i've never gotten acne on my chest!) please help why is this happening ? today, i started applying the BP on the pimples i hope this works. also, i'm going to the swimming pool tomorrow, anyone knows um like a fast way to get rid
  2. I stopped using the regimen on my body (temporarily) and the peeling and dryness are now better. but i can tell that some of the burns are gonna scar.. any suggestions on how to prevent such thing from happening ? Thank you!!
  3. I have EXACTLY the same issue!! and I don't know what to do.. I'm scared it's gonna scar I stopped applying BP to the burnt area and applied something to help calm the burn ... but today i applied BP (less amount than usual) and it was fine but the burning effect is still there.. please tell me if you find a way to treat this!
  4. hello, so I've been using the regimen on my face and body for 3 and half weeks. I know that skin peeling off is normal but I don't think that what im dealing with is normal.. I think I burned myself with BP! because the skin peeling off looks exactly like when you get burnt (you know the dark spots) here's some pictures. please tell me how to get rid of the burns without scarring because i once burned myself with a shaving cream chemical thingy and it scarred! thank youuu
  5. I've been on the regimen for 3 weeks (yes I do use moisturizer) and my face has gotten w lot better but honestly I still can not go out without make up on .. so I need the foundation
  6. hey everyone, I have oily skin so usually I use matte foundation or "oil/shine control" one. (like L'oreal Infallible matte foundation) but since i started the regimen my skin has gotten really dry!! and the matte foundation is killing my face and making it even more flakey that it already is! what foundation do you suggest to use? (please mention international brands because I live outside the US!) Thank you so much.
  7. i've had those before i started the regimen, and they are not painful to touch, neither raised or whatever so um they're scars? how tf do i get rid of them damn
  8. Hii guys, (i've been on the regimen for a week btw) it's just that I can't tell what these red spots are, specially around my mouth area Also, I have like "dots" on my face, what are those?!? acne or just scars? Thank you!!