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  1. I love when it takes scientists this long to state the obvious. Hopefully this study isn't just swept under the rug by the masses as they go back to watching Dancing With the Stars or whatever is on these days.
  2. During the summer the humidity is brutal on my skin, but during the depths of winter my skin seems to freak out because of how dry it is and cranks up the oil production. Sometimes I wish the only seasons were spring and autumn.
  3. Well, your skin takes a more regular beating from the elements, i.e. the sun, whatever the wind kicks up (a big one if you live in the city), whatever is on your hands if you touch your face, etc. The rest of your body, being clothed (I'm assuming ), is more protected from environmental forces, which can always aggravate acne even if the underlying cause is actually genetic or hormonal.
  4. I doubt most people know someone with truly severe acne, partially because of how social pressures keep those very people from mingling nearly as much as those with clear skin. Average people are misrepresented in social settings, and then popular media further warps what's considered a "normal" appearance. As for the people on that makeup forum, it's just innocent, but still unfortunate, ignorance. Not much that can be done there, when much larger forces are responsible for such widespread dis
  5. This has kind of happened to me, in the sense that one day I realized my skin was actually pretty clear compared to how it used to be (even though I have the occasional breakout)... surprisingly, or maybe not, it hasn't actually changed me at all. A bit disappointing, to be honest. I was hoping I would have turned into a regular James Bond.
  6. Do you mean seeing other people discuss acne, but not in reference to you? Because for me I become like the acne sufferer's advocate when that happens, getting all preachy and defensive... people have learned not to bring it up around me even in reference to other people.
  7. "If a homeless person has a funny sign, he hasn't been homeless that long. A real homeless person is too hungry to be funny." -- Sorry, I couldn't resist. One of the best song lyrics of all time.
  8. I've been obsessed with looking at myself in mirrors ever since I started dramatically losing weight. Went from 215 two years to 165 today, and I still can't get over it. It helps that I also really got a handle on my acne during that time. Not exactly healthy, I know, but damn if I haven't earned the right!
  9. Halloween. Bite-sized Milky Way bars lying around the house since there are never enough trick-or-treaters. "Oh, it's just miniature candy" I figure, and have one... after each meal. Needless to say, I've had to be a little more aggressive in the application of my regimen. Next up is Christmas and sugar cookies, followed by Easter and marshmallow peeps. Those are my three holiday challenges every year.
  10. This is why I think acne sufferers are the most fascinating, well-rounded people. Their emotions are strong enough to affect their very skin!
  11. I've been there. The worst is when you KNOW someone is looking at it. The best advice I have is to call out the first person to do that, and try to crack a joke about it to lighten the mood. It can at least make the evening more relaxed within your social group. Also, for emergency flare-ups, I've always been a fan of the crushed aspirin + honey method. Let it sit for a while, then after 15 or 20 minutes rub it off, using the particles to exfoliate your skin a bit. Really seems to get inflammat
  12. While I agree, I think there has to be a balance between what you say and being willing to call out people and institutions on their superficial obsessions, how it tangibly affects the ability of acne sufferers to live "normal" lives... just because it's not the worst thing in the world doesn't mean it shouldn't go without criticism and a strong desire to remedy the injustice.
  13. I'm with you 100%. I think insurance companies are almost entirely to blame for all the health care problems we're facing in this country, and it's disgusting how they treat people with acne. Sure, it's not a life-threatening disease, but it's still a disease, and it has real consequences for not only the social life of acne sufferers, but their professional ones as well. Incomes and overall career success are heavily correlated with superficial factors such as height, and you'd have to be liv
  14. This describes me. I definitely don't look older (sometimes I wish I did, people always mistake me for being a lot younger than I am, which I actually DON'T like), but I sure as hell feel it. A crazy childhood and upbringing + years of dealing with the social consequences of acne = one old as heck soul. It's all right though, I'm happier for that experience and wisdom.
  15. My acne started late, about junior year of high school, and I still have it at 25. The only thing that's changed is that I know a lot more about what aggravates it and what medications do and don't work for me.