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  1. Hi im in the same position. Did it heal? did aquaphor work? thats what i have on right now
  2. thats what i was thinking! absolutely nothing in my lifestyle changed, im not more stressed (if anything im less because im just relaxing for the summer) so i feel like theres a possibility with the water or something. I notice this on more than one occasion. I came home for christmas and broke out way more than usual too. I thought it was the cold air then but since its happening again im thinking my skin went from liking the south carolina water ( i never breakout really at school) to getting
  3. Yeah I eat paleo so no gluten dairy and very low sugar. Also i havent changed a single thing in my skin care routine so i cant imagine whats breaking me out but its seriously making me so upset. to be almost clear and then back to awful again is pretty depressing. I use cerave SA wash, cerave SA moisturizer and Keeva tea tree moisturizer, vitamin c serum from amara organics for scars and redness and then a thin layer of sulphur cream at night that helps me keep away breakouts usually (guess n
  4. Hi im hoping someone can help me. I am from NY but go to college in south carolina. All year my skin was relatively stable while at school. A few things would pop up here and there, nothing major (i have extreme anxiety from acne so this was huge for me) However, I came home for the summer and now my skin has gone HAYWIRE. Literally everywhere. As soon as i look away from the mirror i swear one more thing comes in. I have an awful picking habit so this is really starting to scare me. I dont kn
  5. what type of sulfur do you use? hey! i think i used to chat on here with you a while back, i hope everythings going ok and seriosuly if you need anything ever reach out. believe it or not when i was going through every possible thing when accutane didnt work i came across demodex in my reserach...i dont think thats what i ever had but during that time i ordered this cream from demodex solutions calleld "zz cream" it has a longer asian name that idk how to spell. its looks BEYOND sketchy and
  6. I use sulfur as a spot treatment...its awesome. I am just super prone to picking and ive been really good about it the past year but i just moved home for the summer and have a lot of summer classes and two jobs so I think all that stress allowed me to slip back into my old ways and attack my two pimples that otherise would have gone away with sulfur. anyways, now theyre pretty much wounds and scabs (as pictured) do you know anything to help that? I know bp and acne stuff is too harsh on hea
  7. hi. I always find myself in the same position. I finally get to a stage where I am satisfied with my skin then ill get a few pimples pop up and i just attack. I cant help myself. I'm wondering if anyone has any remedies for when this happens. It keeps me inside and super upset for days. I have tried just bandaids and neosporin but I dont feel like that does anything special. For this episode in particular it wasnt SO bad and then i put fresh aloe on the two spots and they turned dark and ver
  8. i just wanted to update the community. not sure if anyone will look at it, but my scar that is previously pictured has come a LONG way in a short period of time (in terms of scars). i just wanted to give some hope that there CAN be progress in skin and it can and will get better. xoxo
  9. @QuanHenry @beautifulambitionthanks guys. I will look into all these options for sure. scheduling a derm appointment. Im still too recent off accutane to have any serious procedures on my face because of the healing so I will see what my best options are for this mess. I appreciate the help
  10. it was a really bad cystic pimple that finally healed but because of the climate my skin cracked and it left a pretty open wound and some skin peeled away because it was just too dry. i kept it moist with a bandaid until it healed over and thats what was left. its closed and not a wound anymore but some of it is uneven (pit) and the scar as a whole is just super dark. does hydrocortisone work for that? i heard that thins the skin and can cause discoloration I'm not sure if it'll help. I have sp
  11. hey. i have this awful scar its so unsightly. i cant leave my room without so much makeup. what is the best treatment for this. i have the banish dermarolling kit but im afraid its not going to work. so depressed. skin was finally looking normal
  12. Hi congrats on stopping picking! i have been trying for about a year and a half now and i am able to go long periods but i relapsed a few nights ago. I have pretty much a gaping spot. it looks like i fell and grazed my face. do you have any tips from previous experience how to heal this fast?
  13. so i feel like i always post and get no replies but I'm so desperate i just need to put something out there anyways. I had a pimple that i left alone and spot treated for a few nights. the skin on top became pretty dry and dead even though i moisturize everyday. so when I was washing my face the layer of skin quite literally peeled off and left giant raw crater. as you can see my skin around it is already a shit show. now i have this. ugh. so upset. how do i heal this. i have a flight back to
  14. i live somewhere very snowy too, completely understand. plus I'm always too embarrassed to go out and get anything. I'm going through the same thing now (I'm about to make a topic). I didnt pick at the pimple but the skin became so dry and dead on top that it literally sloughed away and i have a HUGE raw patch. I'm so upset. hoping it stops "leaking" by saturday when I have a flight back to school. anyways, if you don't have access to that, your best bet is a regular bandaid with neosporin/aquap
  15. I use hydrocolloid bandages. or blister bandages whatever you can find. they keep the area moist so you don't have to keep a giant blob of neosporin on your face or a giant bandaid. I get the CVS advanced healing bandaids and cut them to size so its just a little dot to fit a little bit larger than the area so it sticks to the skin around the scab. if you have a week to wait around, slap one on and leave it for a few DAYS. thats the key. rub a tiny bit of neosporin on just the scab, not skin aro