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  1. i used it for 3 or 4 months and it cleared my moderate acne up within a month. but i broke out as soon as i stopped taking it. about a year later i took it again, but no results
  2. Not much is up. How about yourself? I'm Cam :'D

  3. hey, whatsup :) im hanna

  4. i had the same problem doing track during the school year. i always just went to practice with makeup on, caused no problems for me
  5. yeah my derm said i could try using it twice a day too though. i guess after being so used to applying something on my face twice a day for years i feel like i'll breakout if i dont. but thanks
  6. what kind of acne do you have, moderate? but yeah my face is soo much more oily it seems. and that plus it being pretty sticky is why i dont want to use it twice a day
  7. i cant bring myself to use ziana twice a day because it makes my face sticky which doesnt work with makeup. ziana is clindamycin phosphate 1.2% and tretinoin .025% i remember reading somewhere something about not using bp with some other topical, but i cant remember exactly what. anybody know? thanks!
  8. i say wear your hair up! if you do it enough you'll probably get more comfortable about it anyways
  9. lol thanks, how kind :)

  10. I agree with metallica1

  11. So ive noticed my face has been a lot more sensitive when i wash it which sucks but im using cetaphil lotion now so i think that will help some. i dont have anymore big spots theyre all calming down (knock on wood) just the redness is bothering me
  12. thanks :) and im not really sure about duac yet, it doesnt really rub in all the way and kind of leaves a film on my face and since i use it in the morning that doesnt go to well with makeup but i also use it at night to spot treat and that works well. i just think i havent been using it long enough to be sure how much its helping me. i havent noticed much of a difference in my face, some breakouts are clearing while others are appearing but thats how its always been im just hoping that by ho
  13. well in short ive been coping with acne for a few years. i was prescribed doxy and finacea and i used that for 6 months and it did completely clear me but then my mom took me off doxy and it became ineffective so i used DKR for a year with mild success. im actually only going to be using doxy for probably 2 or 3 months to help with any IB and hopefully ill be able to come off it and remain clear with duac and differin. okay well anyways! heres my regimen morning Purpose daily facewash Duac Ce