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  1. Well how about this thought!! Don't quit picking, decrease and isolate picking. Four reasons to pick: fun relieve pain look better don't even think www.acne.org/habit-reversal.html If I can eliminate fun and pain (the two most destructive ones for me) then I will have succeeded and I will still be able to treat whiteheads. I'm researching more stuff about bp and alpha hydroxy. Apparently bp isn't as good as I thought it was.
  2. I have finally realized: I hate picking!!!!! It controls me!!!! I can't do this on my own!!!!! and Makeup can't cover ALL the damage. I don't want my kids to pick. I don't want to go out with scabs on my face (anywhere!). Its time to quit. On my quit date and today i have been slowly decreasing amount of picking. Only bc i have some painful ones. Than I'll quit totally
  3. Thanks so much!! All of my breakouts are caused by hormones, stress, or picking. My face looks awesome right now, I haven't picked for at least a week. October 1st is my quit date when i put permanent nails on, YAY!! I still pick at my body acne but it's going away bc of the time of month. It only heals when it wants to heal. Neosporin, yay!! I'm going to try proactiv once i go three months without picking after my quit date. We'll see if i need it after not spreading the infection through picki
  4. I'm still on track. I feel good! I have picked once since i decided to get back on track with my program. I was as gentle as possible though. My marks are gone (2 days later). i am starting to accumulate items for the ultimate reward (3 months after my quit date, which is oct 1). it helps bc i think about it everyday.
  5. I have been good! Only picking body scabs. No face. For about a week. I am planning the ULTIMATE reward for 3 months after my quit date YAY Success!
  6. I'm planning on going as long as possible without picking, and then setting up an appt. for fake nails (for real this time), even if i have horses. The 10 a month for nails will pay itself off on my gorgeous face. Back to stage 1 for now. Usually i do ok as long as i'm on some sort of program.
  7. got all the way to stage 4. Then I just forgot program. Now i am celebrating one day without picking my face. school is stressful. I want to have great skin even when i'm stressed!!
  8. I have picked 3-4 for the last 3 days. uh oh. i was at bf's house and it started when a huge, owwie knot shot out a ton of pus when i was trying to get some relief. I haven't relapsed, i was just trying to make the zit and the pus go away and heal faster. So if i can go 1 more week without picking I'll get fake nails put on. Happy to be home with my boys (horses). ttfn
  9. so tired....so stressed....picked a painful bump...its red....shouldn't have...must go
  10. Day 2 stage 3. Beautiful healed up skin on face and chest. Back is red but reduced. this is my 3rd day without picking in a row. fake nails MIGHT not be an option bc i have horses. oh well it was a thought. they physically prevent picking so i don't have to worry about it.
  11. I have FINALLY made it to stage 3!! YAY!!! I've never gone this long without a slip (5 zits) or a relapse (10). At day 7 of stage 3 I can get fake nails. It is impossible for me to pick with them. I have been Not picking for 2 days. Before that i was on an 11day no pick spree. it ended with me picking 1-2 a day for a couple days. not too bad considering. Keep trying!
  12. today is day 7 of stage 2. i have picked at 1-2 zits for the past two days. it kinda came outta the blue. I haven't today though. It started with that one painful nodule the day before my birthday, but after the "surgery" it healed. STILL haven't gotten 10 day reward. I have to be not picking and on the program to reap the reward. stressed to a max right now!! SCHOOL gtg
  13. Today is day 5 of stage 2!!! I struggled yesterday and used my grace allowance. I scratched and wanted to pick. I hate it when I don't pick and I still get acne. So i'm thinking of switching to proactiv. My zits are worse when i pick, but i want them to dissapear when i don't. I still haven't gotten my 10 day reward and its hard to stick with the program. I have a lot of closed comedones on my forehead. Nothing heavy but still discouraging. I did pick a huge painful knot on my forehead. I knew i
  14. i have officially gone 10 days without picking. YAY!!! I never did that before! Mom will put up my b-room cabinet and be my handiman for the day. I also read an amazing chic book, that I have always loved. My b-day is Sun!!! YAY! Life is good. Today is day 4 of stage 2. My am regimens have been getting done very late in the day. Stick with the program. I gtg bathe my horsies.
  15. Today is day 3 of stage 2. I have been painting all day and got my am regimen done @ 2:30. My chest and face look good. my back has turned all scars and acne bright red for no reason (go figure!), and i don't know what to do with it. My face is really scabby and dry. i need to order more bp and cleanser. I'd like to try the moisturizer, but not until I run out. I about hurled watching a top 10 cysts, boils and acne film on Youtube yesterday. that is NASTY!!! Today is day 10 without picking (minu
  16. Today is day 2 of stage 2. I have a job interview today. My face had a lot of little comedones yesterday. When i sit in the light my forehead looks like it has sand on it. I needled them yesterday and last night I used 2 applications of bp and one of 8-10% alpha hydroxy lotion. They look much better this morning. Flat and flesh colored. I'm not worried about them bc of my interview, after years of picking I have become a wonderful makeup artist. Give me enough time and I can blend and cover ALMO
  17. today is day one of stage 2. It has been really hard not to pick body OR face. i think that this is the point in the program I usually start getting frustrated anyways so it is really hard to accept that my face looks bad evven though I haven't picked. Ahhh what fun acne is. It surprised me to find that watching other people pick really grosses me out. thats a good sign. I am going to keep snapping myself with a rubber band bc i feel like i should have some punishment for trying to pick to diss
  18. Squeezed after needling with clean tissue! Won't do that again!! It looked just like I picked! Red and puffy, ugh! Today is day 7. One week without picking with no slips, relapses or picking!!! Needled about 5. Pic log was hard to keep up with cuz I was at my bf's house.
  19. For my 3day reward I ate Skittles (my favorite guilty pleasure) and bought and watched "Facing the Giants" (one of my fav. sports movies). Today is day 5. For day 7 I will go see No Reservations with my bf. I really have not been tempted to sit down and pick my little heart out yet though. I'm sure that will come in some stressful time. stay one arm's length away from the mirror and good luck!
  20. I am on day 4 without picking!!! AT ALL!!! The beginning of the program is usually easy bc I am excited. The 2nd and 3rd stages are harder bc rewards are less often, I get bored, and I go on vacations and slack off. My 3 days without picking reward is either 1) Go see the new movie "No Reservations" with Michelle 2) Go to the Library and pick out a stack of good books or 3)Read a chic book I own that I dearly love. Today I have been busy all day, but that helps me keep my mind distracted. i am k
  21. I'm on the 3rd day. Everything is going well and I am still excited about the possibility of being able to quit. I need to focus more on positive self talk and visualization though, bc thats what pulls me through the stages of the program that I am not excited about. I get to go to the Library and pick out a stack of pleasure books if I don't pick today. It is the 3 day milestone. I also get to collect whats left of my 1 day without picking reward. I am glad that the needling rules allow me to s
  22. Check out this game http://www.monstergamez.net/game/66661061/Jaba-The-Zit.html http://www.lilgames.com/acne_zit_popper_game.shtml
  23. Some tips: *Reward any success!! *Fake nails AREN'T Cheating!!! *There are no pros to picking The Revamped plan for summer is good to follow to stop picking. Today I have had a lot of stress, but I only found myself touching my face twice. B/c I have not been picking, my acne has healed into scabs. This makes me want to peel them. I'm glad that they are healing though. I have been popping myself with the rubber band every time I find myself feeling the scabs. I love the new plan but it takes
  24. After a long time of following no plan to stop picking, with disastrous results, I have decided that deciding to stop picking works better if you have a plan instead of wandering aimlessly. I have set up new deadlines for going a certain amount of days without picking and I am working towards them. I have edited my plan again and have made it as effective as I know how. It is my first day on this new plan. I attached all the documents of this plan. My b-day party is at a river and i want no scab
  25. Thanks, that's such a cute site. It makes my habit seem silly. Picking can leave your skin brutally red, puffy, swollen, and unhealthy. Maybe I should try wrapping my face in bubble wrap and picking Or doing a paper mache face with red paint in the bubble wrap. I CAN quit forever!!!