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  1. I think that you are right about seeing a dermatologist. I have never been to one before and it seems strange to go to one because I'm not a teen! I guess I'm actually embarressed. You know? Anyway I noticed that I have quite a few dark red spots. I really don't understand scarring. What causes it? Retinol sounds promising does it help with scarring and redness? Every time I see a picture of myself in unflatterring light I'm shocked. Acne is making me look older. I don't understand the connectio
  2. I recently started breaking out (at 31!) and I have never been makeup savvy. Lip gloss and mascara are all I am used to wearing. Now that my face is getting noticeably worse and worse I need something to cover it. I am almost done with a tube of nutragena concealer which covered fine but I am suspicious of the ingredients. I'm curious about which ingredients other members have identified as causing breakouts, scientific names and all. Thanks. MGirl
  3. Hi, I'm new--sorry if this is touching on a previous thread. I'm 31 and I recently (about 4mths ago) stopped taking birth control pills. Up until that point my skin has never been an issue. I had the normal mild acne during my early teens and then some adult onset acne in my early twenties but I took BC pills for several years and that obviously was the reason my adult acne never went very far. Now I have painful, itchy pimples under the skin that don't go away. I also have more and more com
  4. MGirl

    Now and Before

    Pics of me before and after stopping BC pills