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  1. Hi need some advice here. Its been 11 days since i got chicken pox. (It is a godawful experience to get it as an adult) .So anyways, i have mostly dried scabs thats falling off. On my face, almost all the scabs have fallen off. This is the issue...during my illness, i had a pretty bad breakout of the rash, and i was so ill i mostly stayed in bed for a few days..and i didnt wash my face at all. I had to keep applying this cooling gel and i think as i kept applying without washing, it clogged m
  2. Hi Gingergirl, Umm...microdermabrasion usually cost between 40 to 50 GBP per session. Its recommended to go for it monthly, but i dont think its necessary at all if you're doing enough to maintain your skin. Its relatively painless...your face is cleansed and then a machine with embedded crystals is used to exfoliate your skin. So basically, the fast moving crystals slough off the superficial layers of skin, leaving it super smooth. I know it sounds painful..but its not at all. But you have to
  3. Hi guys. I met Dr Gupta yesterday. Nice man he was. He gave me a realistic picture of what to expect. Apparently my type of scars are very stubborn and difficult to treat He told me that because my skin is a deep olive color, he cannot increase the intensity of the laser as there is a risk of hyper pigmentation. So realistically, my results may not be extremely significant. So he told me to think about it because it's alot of money to spend if there's a chance I'm not going to be satisfied with
  4. Hey guys, I checked out the ingredients but this wash doesnt contain salicylic acid so its probably something else causing the irritation. And on closer look at the tiny fine prints, it does say that 'skin irritation may occur. If this happens, discontinue use." pfft So there goes 5 pounds down the trash because i never read the fine prints! Funny how they emphasise that it doesnt contain alcohol, parabens, sls etc but i've used washes with those in it and have had better results. hmmff!
  5. Hey Guys! I'm finally going to do something about the awful scars on my face. I'm booked for an appointment with Dr Gupta on thursday. Yay!! He's apparently one of the best doctors specializing in scar treatment in the UK. Not sure what he'll recommend but the lady i spoke to told me that for my skin he would probably suggest pixel laser. The price is a tad too heavy on the pocket so it better be worth it. Will keep you guys updated with pics!
  6. I recently swtiched my cleanser to Oxy seaweed power fresh skin wash because i felt my daily cleanser was too gentle and i was still getting occasional pimples (i dont have active acne any longer). However, on the second day of use, i came home and had a shower, washed my face again (twice daily) and as i was applying moisturiser, i realized that my skin felt oddly rough and a tiny bit itchy. So i went to have a closer look in the mirror and saw that there were all these really really tiny bumps
  7. You can try the regimen but yours looks more like irritation than acne. The regimen targets acne. Besides, using bp and/or salicyclic acid products might just increase dryness and irritation. Ok how about this. No more exfoliation. L'oreal almost never works for acne-prone skin. Too much chemicals. Use a gentle glycerin based soap such as Pears Transparent soap or cetaphil cleansing bar which you can get at any pharmacy. Its not too expensive too. Use an oil-free moisturiser like Neutogena OIl-f
  8. Blackheads like acne is an ongoing thing so what you do daily matters i suppose. I did a professional microdermabrasion and got my nose all smooth and clean. Then i maintained it with a daily BHA exfoliator to unclog the pores regularly. It has work really well so far. Oh and wash your face with a gentle soap and a washcloth.
  9. Looks more like irritation than acne. Happens when your skin is stressed out. Too much exfoliation is not good. I would advise you to simplify your regimen and work on reducing the irritation. Stop exfoliation for a while as it will probably just increases the redness and irritation. Try using more gentle products. The answer to acne is not always stronger and more abrasive products. Check out Paula's Choice..they have some great products that reduce irritation and clears up the skin without any
  10. Perhaps you should tone it down. Leave of the medicated stuff and use something gentle. I would suggest Paula's choice cleansers. They take pride in avoiding harmful ingredients and is very gentle on the skin. Also, a good way to treat left over red marks is to consider a very good AHA product or alternatively, something that contains retinol. But keep in mind that you will need to protect your skin by avoiding the sun or at least using a good sunblock. I can't tell from the pic whether you s
  11. Bingo. Great product. Its light and absorbs easily. One tip. Use a small amount, let it absorb then add another small dime sized amount instead of just slathering it on at one go.
  12. I had very very bad cysts when i was in my teenage years...i've tried courses of antibiotics. It always came back. When i was around 23, i worked up the nerve to try accutane. (with everyone telling a scary story or two in here). For me, it was the best decision ever. I tried everything up till then, nothing worked more beautifully. In the first couple of weeks, my active acne was gone, my skin started to get less and less oily. I didnt even have to blot. I took 10mg for 3months, then cranked it
  13. Perhaps you're allergic? To break out this quickly from a little dairy that you do not take regularly is kind of strange. You should consider getting an allergy test done. Then you would be able to pinpoint what actually causes the reaction and avoid that particular food instead of collectively everything in that category.
  14. I have tried lemon juice but it kinda stings and irritates my skin. Turned out red and little bumps popped up from irritation. It didnt seem to have any effect when i diluted it. Guess it depends on your skin tolerance. I always go back to tea tree oil.
  15. Pears transparent soap! I was travelling recently and forgot my bag of toiletries and this soap was all i managed to get. So i used it in the shower and washed my face at the same time. Surprisingly, my face felt clean yet it was not all tight or anything. No breakouts either. Its just gentle enough. Absolutely love it. I have been using it ever since with no problems whatsoever.