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  1. Thanks Brandy, I didn't know that existed.
  2. Hi, I have mild acne. I've been using Cetaphil moisturizing lotion, Cetaphil sensitive skin wash, and Spectro 2.5 BP vanishing cream, for about a year or two. I've had good results. However, since summer is coming, and I am pale, I need to start using a good sunscreen. The less stuff I put on my skin, the better, so I'd rather just use a sunscreen as moisturizer, instead of applying sunscreen after moisturizer. I'm planning on using Coppertone oil-free sunblock (30 SPF), which claims to be "frag
  3. When I first started going out with my boyfriend, I was incredibly nervous, and it took me a whole term of school to get up the nerve to ask him out. And even then my friend sort of had to help me along. For a long time, whenever we went on a date (and esp. the first few) I actually would get physically sick to my stomach. It's basically just performance anxiety. You want to look good, seem friendly, talkative, interesting, funny, relaxed, and in control (etc). Unfortunately if you're worried ab
  4. Good job dude, glad to see it's working for you... ps you're perty
  5. Yeah, I hate that too. I guess people just have an inability to really put themselves in others' shoes to see what it's like. I've had friends do that who are totally nice people, they weren't doing it to rub salt in the wound or anything...they just were oblivious..running their mouths. Now that all my zits are gone (thanks Dan Kern!!!) I don't think I would give a sh*t if I got one pimple, because I remember how much worse it was when I had like 50 all at once. For some reason I bet more sli
  6. Daydreaming isn't meditating, it's escape from the present moment. Meditation is accepting the present. Trust me...I was once addicted to daydreaming until I thought to myself "this is enough" and I need to take my life back. Because you'll never really improve your life by daydreaming. In fact you will miss your life...it will just slip by in the background.
  7. I've been using one of those poofy plastic mesh shower things for a long time now to wash my body with. I just put soap all over it and wash away. I don't necessarily scrub but I do put a certain amount of pressure on it, and I don't go over the same place twice. My rationale is that it helps to exfoliate my skin or something, but I wonder if it actually just irritates it. I have moderate acne on my upper back, and mild acne on my chest and ... bum. Should I start just washing with my hands?
  8. So, this is my first week of using the regimen, and it's SO working for me. This is probably the best my skin has ever been since before I started getting acne in my early teens, and I'm really super excited about it. In the picture I'm attaching, you can't really see too much of a difference but there definitely is because all my "active" pimples are gone and all that's left are scars and red marks. I find these easier to deal with than current acne because to me they sort of represent the past
  9. "Do you wash your face" haha what a stupid question to ask. I think people who try to help really are trying to help, but it's more than that as well. There's usually an ulterior motive. Usually they want to sell you something, or alternatively they are using you to up their own feelings of superiority. Like "I have beautiful clear skin but nevertheless I also have these other low self-esteem problems that I pretend I don't have, so I am going to interact with you, acne faced person, to make m
  10. Here it is, not too bad at all as you can see, but still an annoyance. I think the regimen is having a positive effect.
  11. This reminds me of what I used to get in one of my armpits. I once shaved my armpits (in the days of yore) and for some reason, the hairs in my left pit all decided they were going to become ingrown and infected and form red cysts like this. Some of them I could lance myself, others were very resistant to having their insides removed. Doctor gave me antibiotics and said if I wanted them to stop coming back, I had to stop shaving there. I didn't, and this process repeated itself several times unt
  12. Blarg. I can't seem to get a decent photo that shows all my acne. Maybe later in the week. Anyway I've been on my regimen for a few days now and it seems to be working out...hopefully. I'm not getting as many new pimples as usual since I started using the BP, but it could just be the result of my "Aunt Flow's" recent departure. I still have developed a large painful one on my chin. It's not too noticeable but when I feel it (which I'm trying not to do), it feels big. I think it's the resut of s
  13. You guys are killing me. But there really is nothing compared to the guilty satisfaction in taking down a big one! All this reminds me of a comic strip I saw on the back of a MAD magazine I had once. It almost looked like it was done by Robert Crumb, but I'm not sure. Anyway, the strip followed a goofy looking guy in a bathroom starting to squeeze a big pimple in front of the mirror. At first only a bit of pus comes out, but then it starts gushing out like a little geyser, and slowly as the pa
  14. I've been reading these posts for the past week and I can see that I am not the only one depressed about my acne, but also, many people are way more depressed than I've ever been. I really feel for you guys. I know how it can be when people don't understand how having the acne affects your self-perception and on top of that, people don't take depression seriously either. It's hard to get people to take depression seriously because it isn't visible, like an amputated leg. Or acne. Even acne, how
  15. Tim, I don't really like going to bars either, unless there's some good music. I like dancing, not sitting around drunk talking about stupid things with other drunk people (or not being able to afford drinking so hanging around with drunk people while I'm sober. Awesome!). One thing to do might be to do some volunteer work, if you have the time and if you find a non profit organization or charity that you feel would personally be a good use of your energy. Or maybe join a club. That's a good w
  16. I've been with my boyfriend for three and a half years. I'm 24. My self-confidence has been affected by acne ever since my teens, and I'm super-shy and socially awkward. However, when I started getting a crush on him before I even knew his name, it was too powerful to ignore. Finally I asked him out on some dates. He ended up being a really sweet guy. He told me that he had had plenty of crushes before on even girls who had severe acne. I think it is just easier for him than it must be for some
  17. It's funny...I'm always jealous of celebrities' money...I figure if I had that kind of money, I could go to the best dermatologists and spas in the world and my skin would be the awesomest. Apparently not. This link is to a Dove ad from a few months ago which shows the entire process of transforming a regular person into a glamourous star through makeup, airbrushing, and other photoshop effects. When you see perfect stars in magazines and on TV and movies, be aware that most of what you see is a
  18. I have mild to moderate acne. Originally I would wash my face 2-3 times daily with Spectro Derm gel cleanser or occasionally with the very abrasive St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I moisturized 1-2 times daily with Coppertone Oil-Free Sunscreen. I never moisturized after washing my face prior to going to bed, though. I am a compulsive picker and squeezer so I'm sure that wasn't helping, touching my face all the time. So I am trying to cut that out, and to be more gentle with my face when washing it. My
  19. I really hate when people I know who have smooth, beautiful skin 99.999% of the time suddenly get one little zit and they're like "oh no, I have this huge zit, whatever will I do?" It's like....dude...you have one tiny zit, and I have like 50. Boo freaking hoo. It just strikes me as a little rude and inconsiderate. Maybe I'm just jealous!
  20. Check out the course-book "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. It's really useful! Seems cheesy and new agey but it really works! For serious!
  21. Hi my name is Becka. I am new here. I stumbled upon this site and I am going to start using the regimen. I have mild acne. Until I get the new products, I am washing my face 2-3 times daily with Spectro Derm gel cleanser. After washing with that in the morning, I moisturize with Coppertone Oil Free Sunscreen. My rationale is that if I have to moisturize anyway, I might as well take care of protecting my skin from the sun at the same time. It seems to me like this would be ok because it is oil-fr
  22. One thing might be to stop picking at them, for sure! I know it's incredibly hard not to especially when we get the idea in our heads that if we could just get that pus out, something positive would happen...but yeah...don't pick would be one thing.