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  1. I'm 29 and have had moderate to VERY severe acne (big painful nodules) since I was 19. I went through one cycle of Accutane which got rid of the worst breakout of my life. But about 6-9 months later, the acne slowly began coming back. Most of all, I have adult acne so the acne would get really bad at my jawline. I started reading about highly rated facial cleansers on makeupalley.org and saw that reviews for MD Forte cleansers mentioned a lot of incredible results for people with acne. So I star
  2. Hey everyone, I've been taking about 20 mg of Accutane for a month now. My lips aren't even that dry. But there are dry, brown spots appearing on the back of my hands. They look like freckles. They don't hurt. When I touch the spots, they just feel like dry, slightly crusty skin. Anybody else ever get this? I went off Accutane for about 5 days to take an exam, and the spots disappeared. Now they're back and there's more. I am trying to keep my hands moisturized. It's just weird that this is the
  3. I don't know why this sudden tea drinking is looking like a magic cure for you, but I doubt it is generally. I've been a heavy tea drinker for the last 2 years (at least 3-4 large glasses a day of green tea), and my acne was never worse. But it is good for the body and it can't hurt to start a habit of drinking it.
  4. I've heard that placing pressure or pinching the area between your thumb and index finger is for relieving pain in teeth. My parents took me to an acupuncturist once for acne and they place needles in more areas and NOT in that small space between the thumb and index finger.
  5. Ok. I'll stop taking it for a week before the Bar Exam.
  6. When you took it or if you're taking it now, have you felt less able to concentrate on school work or focus on things?
  7. Yes I agree it's primarily an internal problem. There are a lot of things you could try to change the "gut" problem if you're patient: eat anti-inflammatory foods, birth control, spironolactone, alkalize your body, etc etc etc or you can just try Accutane. I've heard there's work on isolating the gene that causes acne. And I know this is cynical but from an evolutionary perspective (I have sucky sucky nodulocystic acne), I have wondered: why would nature mark some people SO visibly? Is it to m
  8. Hey everyone, I've heard other people talk about painful cysts before. And while I've had ones that were sensitive to pressure and *slightly* painful, I've never had a really "OWWW" spot on my face. But now I have one. And it's not even a pimple. It's in a tiny flat spot on my cheek. It hurts like hell even when I wash my face. But it raises a general question: what makes some pimples, cysts, nodules, etc painful while other ones are totally pain-free when touched or pressed? Thanks, K
  9. Hi Everyone! I guess I found the one place where people won't be totally grossed out by photos of my face. I've had acne of varying degrees of acne since I was 16. Sometimes my face is quite clear and sometimes it looks like the surface of an angry moon. It's very bad now. I think it's become hormonal since I passed adolescence. Here are photos of my cheeks. I believe I qualify for Accutane. What type of acne do you think I have and would you recommend Accutane? I just started Ortho Tri-Cyclen
  10. I'm confused by the mention of Accutane causing scars in many of the Accutane logs. Does Accutane cause more scars than you would have if you didn't take Accutane? And why is that? Thanks, Kimmie
  11. I don't understand why the doctor must ensure you take 2 forms of birth control with accutane even if the patient is SURE that she won't be having sex during the accutane treatment (like no significant other or whatever). I mean do doctors think women might trip on a pothole and fall on a dick? I don't get it.