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  1. Being Vegan may actually be part of the problem. I work in IT and a lot of my colleagues are Indian and many of them are vegetarian/vegan. One thing I've noticed is that a lot of vegetarians/vegas tend to have severe acne or scarring from acne they once had. I think the lack of vitamin A and certain other nutrients from meat based diets may be a contributing factor. Accutane, or other sources of vitamin A or whatever else you are lacking in your diets might help a lot.
  2. It's not horrific bro, come visit California if you have time, every other Asian dude here has acne scars worse than yours. Having acne and scars is definately less than ideal. But in your case there are lots of procedures to significantly improve your scars, if you were just off of accutane, give it 6 months before any procedures. The real horrific scars are keloid scars, dented scars are barely noticable in comparison.
  3. The biggest keloid I had in my face was injected with 5fu/cortisone mixture. Now it's a dented rubbery scar but more hyper pigmented than before. Most of the other ones only received steroid injections at 5mg. sometimes the ones that only received steriod inejections grow back. One other thing you have to worry about is that prolonged cortisone injections can potentially cause more acne.
  4. Hey there, I've also struggled with severe acne since my teenage years, unfortunately, my acne also causes a much more severe problem, keloid scaring (I have acne scars that have developed raised scars that are several inches across and half an inch tall on my chest and shoulders) I've also started to get keloid scars on my jawline area. (keloids are permanent and there's no cure, unlike acne) I know what acne can do to our self-esteem but it should not stop us from living a normal
  5. I'm a 32 year old Asian male who had severe cystic acne in the late teens and early 20's. I developed some large keloid scars (abnormal scars that keep on growing beyond the original wounds) on the chest and shoulders. I took accutane, which worsened my acne initially but cleared me up for a few years and I remained mostly clear until my late 20s and my acne started worsening again. In december 2015, I noticed some of my "jawline cysts" seemed very persistent and have been their for mo
  6. Hey Bro,

        I'm a 32 year old Asian male also with keloids/hypertrophic scars on the face as well as chest and shoulders.

        If you wanna share treatment advice or whatever feel to text me, whats app me, call me at (949) 245-9396, e-mail me at [email protected] or whatever social media you prefer to use . I think people with similar problems like us need to help each other out and find a solution together. 


  7. It's hard to say since they are barely noticable but I doubt they are hypertrophic scars considering the position. How long have you had them, do they come and go or change in size? Even if they were hypertrophic scars they are probably easily fixable if you really wanna get rid of them.
  8. It's definitely not a keloid, also scars in that area should be benign it should fade in time. You can try steroid injections but it might cause more hyper pigmentation or skin atrophy. Silicon sheets might help as well
  9. Those will fade away very soon those are not areas where keloids or hypertrophic scars form. Also your look more like post-acne inflamed skin than scars to me. . This is coming from someone with a history of keloids, hypertrophic scars and acne.
  10. look like pimples or post acne inflamatory skin, most likely will fade away soon if they haven't already by the time i'm making this reply. Don't worry your skin looks great.
  11. Those are keloids, the ones I have on my chest and back are much bigger. But they have flattened out(some have become depressed) from steriod/5FU injections that I got from DR Fischman in NYC. They've stopped itching or being painful but the hyperpigmentation is still bad. You need to be super careful with your ears jawline and neck area as they can keloid too. I thought I was immune to them in those areas until last year I started getting a lot of them in my jawline area from adult cystic
  12. How long ago did you finish accutane and what was the length and dose of your treatment? Also, do those bumps come and go? They look just like tiny pimples to me.
  13. Hey bro, I know exactly how you feel. I actually have it a lot worse than you as I have keloid scarring which means they can never be fixed and they keep on growing forever and ever, way beyond the boundaries of the original wounds. I already have quite a few on my face, on top of that I'm still getting nonstop cystic acne all over my face that are causing new keloids to form. The keloid scars on my chest and shoulders are huge/raised (measured inches) and extremely painful/itchy, and