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  1. Hey all, I've had acne since I was about 12 years old. I've come a long way, and am now 22. My acne went from being all over in my teen years, to mainly on my jaw-line and neck line now. It seems the acne I experience on my chin are mainly red dots that sometimes look like pock marks, and many times when they are squeezed, they either burst with puss, or have that little white squiggly thing that comes out (sorry for not knowing the technical terms). The same goes for on my neck, only the
  2. What I did mainly was started using this miracle here.. The day I bought it I was so fed up with red-marks on my face from believe it or not looking in the car mirror as I just got a new car. I tried two other treatments before it that didnt seem to work much as I wanted immediate results. I first really knew I needed it when I saw that picture of my face in the before picture in my room. I never knew my face was so scarred up so I went online and started looking stuff up. I found this kit
  3. Ok, I've seen this problem on the boards a lot. It seems that car mirrors always highlight impurities and its so aggravating. I hate it so much. I mean i've been using the Neutrogena at home micro dermabrasion kit since June constantly (well as directed anyway) and I absolutely have changed my skin 100%. Ill post some pics, but I feel like I have great skin, always have medication on it, and ill get in the car and see myself and I dont know how I possibly even have that bad looking of skin.
  4. Hey man, I have the exact same problem. I have such a low self esteem because of my scars, but every so often I aim high with girls. I have such high standards as you said, and this one girl has got me frantically trying to research expensive treatments, and I just keep using them. I know theres hope, my face is always so red though and I know I can break it eventually and keep trying. Ive seen a number of guys with really extremely sized crater scarring who get really hot babes, but dress all
  5. Hello, I am looking for a quick scar treatment that I can use. I have a number of scars that make my face look sooo red, especially in mid-day when it gets oilier. I was looking at treatments and started with this product called like Acnefree scar lotion, which I dont even know if it has done much (its been about three weeks) and I know I have to give it time. While I was researching scar products I came across the Neutrogena Advanced Solutions At-Home Micro Dermabrasion System and was all set
  6. Yeah, I thought they might be scars because they're not zits What do I do with the Apple Cider Vinegar?
  7. Okay, I have a struggling problem. Of course I have acne, thats why I am on here. It seems all the time that I only have a few zits to clear up and that everything is okay. Then comes times moments such as getting a haircut, or driving, or even taking pictures where it looks horrid. In dark lights, I appear to have like horrible acne because I took some pictures and saw, and zits appear so large, but they dont really look this way in the mirror. Then from farther away, it appears I have lit
  8. Salicylic acid 2% is the active ingredient. They smell amazing!
  9. Hey guys, last May I started using Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment pads. I've tried other pads like OXY and they always seem to dry out my face so much, and many times even burn. The reason I used OXY is because non of the stores had the Neutrogena kind i wanted. I found them at Target last night and just started using the Neutrogena pads again yesterday, and forgot how awesome they are. They are a completely different material than other facial pads, and they've got like some special formu
  10. Yeah I totally agree, exam times are now and it looked like my face got worse, and now its getting back up to par now that they finished Best of luck to you
  11. Hey, I just joined today. Through about 5 years ive suffered from acne. The weird part about it is, when I look in my mirrors at home, I hardly see anything bad on my face, just a little dried out skin, with a few bumps and darker areas. When I go get my haircut and look in the mirror, I look horrible. I can see red zits everywhere, and I get so depressed when seeing them. Same thing happens when I get out of the shower and look at my face, only its a million times worse. Also, I see this