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  1. Ok so I finally got my Accutane today and took my first dose this morning and my second dose about an hour ago. I will be taking 40mg twice a day with a high fat meal. Since I do not usually eat a high fat meal for breakfast and sometimes not for dinner I will be taking each dose with a couple of spoons of peanut butter! If my course does last the full 6 months I will have an end date of Friday, October 10th. I also stopped my Clean and Clear regimen last night in preparation for the tane and ho
  2. Ok well I never really did finish my first Accutane log and post the results but that ended over 6 months ago. So I will start with the basics. I am a 20 year old male. I started my first course on Accutane over a year ago. Overall I am very satisifed with the results I got from my first course of tane but after much debate I will be starting a second course this coming week to attempt to get even more satisfying results. By the time I was finished with my first 6 month course on Accutane I had
  3. I was just wondering if anyone on here knows a good dermatolgist in Orlando FL that maybe yourself or someone you know has had positive results from? Thanks in advance!
  4. Im doing ok, slightly better than I was a week or two ago. I am glad you are dong better as well. Glad to hear it isn't too serious! Good luck on the tane pursuit! I just have a feeling than in a month or so you will be joining me in the Accutane logs!
  5. Day 76-Ok well I haven't updated on here in awhile because life has been kinda crazy lately. Let's start with a skin update seeing how thats the main reason im on here and I haven't updated on my results in awhile. My face is pretty much clear of actives except for my lower face/jawline. It is kinda strange how it seems as if the tane has stopped all acne elsewhere on my face but still continues to pop up on my chin and above my upper lip. I don't notice too many noticeable side effects. I have
  6. Hey I hope things are going well for you. How was your test?
  7. Day 66-Well I have updated on here in a few days because my life has been in a spiral downward. I am writing in here today because there is nowhere else for me to write about my feelings. Today I truely feel awful. For the past few days I have bene in a constant fight with my parents about them charging me more to live at home. They want me to pay almost all their bills just because I "have so much extra money". I have told them that I am trying to save money to get my own place and start flight
  8. Haha I wish I was in the UK. I have met a girl that lives there and she is almost perfect for me but the distance is prolly the only thing keeping us apart. Yeah I am a very impatient person so I can just imagine what you are going through. Yeah I hope it was a mistake. Did they say anything that if you do have something wrong then tane is out of the picture? Hopefully in the worse case you can treat the problem and still be perscribed tane. I doubt thats possible but im trying to look on the b
  9. Day 59-Well I think my skin has been improving somewhat. I have also begun to experience the soreness in my joints once again. It could be due to my job but I don't think the Accutane is helpng it at all. At this point I don't think I will care anymore whether my skin gets better or not. I am just going to take my tane, wash my face twice a day and see what happens 4 months from now. Lots of people have had success with tane so hopefull I will as well. I think I might be close to giving up on
  10. Day 56-Well I have been experiencing more breakouts lately. It just started to start stablizing today. This is really starting to make me question whether or not tane is going to solve my acne problem for good. I have been hoping that I would be showing more of an improvement by now. As of Monday I will be on tane for 2 motnhs now and I only have 4 months left to go for things to go away completely and hopefully stay away. On a positive (yeah its weird to say this is positive but...) I have star
  11. AH! That isn't good! I am sorry to hear that! Well hopefully it was a mistake or something like that. The main thing is to get that taken care of and then pursue tane! Well yeah I do like English accents now. I never really liked them before but lately I have really liked girls with them for some reason haha. I like your statement of "fighting off the girls with a stick" hahaha! More like they have to fight me off with a stick lol. Well hope everything goes good with you!
  12. Day 52-Well my skin is getting clearer. I still have the red tainted face that kinda looks like sunburn but I rather have that then all the spots I had a few weeks ago. As far as side effects go, they seem to be much milder then normal. I really am glad the sore joints and back seem to have gone away because I lift heavy bags all day at work 3-4 days out of my 5 day work week. The good thing about that is that it might help me build some muscles! Tmorrow is my Friday from work so I will attempt
  13. Yeah you are lucky you are in the UK! I am starting to like the UK more and more mainly from seeing people from there at my job lol. Well I am really glad you still come on this site because for awhile I thought you were done for. It seems like you are the only one that keeps up with my log and it gets kinda loenly without you lol. Well hopefully the 10 days will go by fast wnough and before you know it you will be there in the wonderful UK popping your first pill of tane, wishing you could drin
  14. YAY! Im so happy for you! I really hope things fall into place and you get Accutane! You are lucky in the fact that you live in the UK. I have heard that it is somewhat easier to get tane in the UK than in the US seeing how you don't have the dreaded iPledge crap! Yeah I don't like needles either and I hate getting blood taken even more but when it comes to Accutane is is def. worth it! Good luck Jenni!
  15. Day 50-My skin has been getting alot drier lately! I am starting to feel a huge amount of relief! My lips are also becoming drier however they do seem to have their days where they are really dry and other when they seem almost normal. Maybe this has something to do with how Accutane works? I don't really know. I do know that I am getting less new spots now! I am starting to think that the reason why I was breaking out so much last week was maybe the IB from increasing my dosage 2 weeks prior. I