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  1. marks fade over time and takes anywhere from a few months to a year to notice the fading
  2. I've been using this stuff for almost 2 months and it has done squat. It somewhat helps the red marks fade but for the indented scars, nothing. I'm very disappointed with this product as they blatantly lie by saying: "Results in one application" or something along those lines. Spit on this product and the makers of it. *SPIT*
  3. so does needling help with redmarks or post-inflammatory pigmentation as well?
  4. Wow, those are pretty good numbers. How far did u space out each session?
  5. Just wanna see who would go into debt to improve their condition. Me, college student, got a student loan to either do fraxel or needling, these scars are really bothering me and it's pissing me off.
  6. Apparently the fraxel downtime is 2-3 days according to my doc but I know its at least a week from what I hear. Those of you who had needling done, what was your downtime and what kind of scars were being treated? I am thinking of getting needling done but I do not know of its suitable for my scars. I have rolling scars I think (those ones that look indented but feels smooth to the touch).
  7. Yeah I had many instances of depression. I fought it off by dieting, running, working out and jump roping. My scars f'n p1ss the hell out of me so much that I got a student loan just so I can go get either needling or fraxel done. Still deciding on which procedure to do.
  8. After checking out that site, I am heavily considering going there for a consultation. Now needling is another option that I'll think about. Again, I'm sorry for accusing you of spamming. What is the downtime of needling?
  9. why do i have a feeling that you are spamming? no offence or anything. but i will check out that site and i do thank you for the input.
  10. thanks for the input a$$holes nothing but a bunch of ignorant and selfish people in this forum