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  1. I'm so glad to see all of your responses, Thank you!! It really helps knowing that I'm not alone and that there are other women out there also on Accutane. Im currently on my 2nd week, taking my 16th pill today. I've been sick for the past few days so have been taking Thera Flu and Day quil so hopefully thats ok. Also today i noticed my face is really red, even someone from work mentioned it which got me super self conscious. And its not like ive had sun since im in an office all day from 8:
  2. Hi, I saw your post and we are in very similar pages. I've also stuggled with Acne for 10yrs and was on accutane my first time about the same time as you, mine ended on November 2009 and i began breaking out again last year around august..and ya its not as terrible but still very persistent. So i also just started my 2nd course of accutane 2 weeks ago, so lets keep eachother posted. Goodluck! BTW im female/27yrs old and so happy to be back on accutane bc i know it works, atleast its the only
  3. Hi, I really think it will help you!! Accutane works, im on it for a 2nd time too and i saw great results with it the first time so decided to give it a 2nd chance. I have 2 friends who were on it and have clear skin! ) Best of Luck and dont worry believe that it will work !
  4. First off thank you HealthyMom for your long reply, it really helped put me at ease since I do want to have kids in a couple of years and want to make sure that going on Accutane twice wont impede me from that joy. As for Jerry, one month is not enough to see results so hang in there!!! As for me im starting my 2nd week ) So far i thought i saw some difference in the texture of my skin but i just got 2 new pimples but im not too worried. What sux is my chapped lips that have begun already and
  5. you have to be upfront and say "I want you to put me on Accutane" ive used this this that that and IM STILL BREAKING OUT! i did that with a new dermo i went to see and they put me on it, im on my 2nd round though. The first time it cleared me for a year, definitely worth a second shot i think.
  6. Hi, I'm also getting married! In May so just got on my 2nd course of accutane this month and will still be on it on my wedding, but my dermo said he will put me on a lower dose then. Right now ive started with 40mg the same amount i started when i was on it about a year ago. I think that we sometimes tend to focus more on the horror stories, just pray! Ive been on it and praying to God to not let any of the horrofic side affects happen to me. I think prayer will help, i also prayed to God that
  7. Wow we seem to be about in similar places in our lives. I am also getting married soon in May, and I just got on my 2nd course of Accutane because my skin was breaking out and I don't want to have acne-filled skin on my wedding day or even now. But I would voice my feelings with your doctor..even if it means getting off Accutane. I noticed that when I was on my 1st course my libido went down, either that or it was also i was in an emotional rut bc my sister had passed away a year ago. But ove
  8. Hi! I wanted to know what your experience is with a 2nd Course of Accutane, if you've done that and for you to share how much you took, when you began breaking out again and how your 2nd course went? The reason I'm asking is because a year ago I was on Accutane for the first time and my skin cleared for about 9 months but then I began breaking out again. So I'm back on Accutane this year but at the same time I'm very nervous about it especially because I'm 27 and eventually want to have kids,
  9. been on it for 5 months, will be on it for another 2. started with 40mg and afterwards 60mg on Claravis. No insurance so really expensive but well worth it!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hi everyone, I've struggled with Acne for 9 years since I was 17 and its affected me in so many ways. I tried everything: Tanning, eating healthy, proactive, tetracycln, minocycln, differin, 10% benzoyl peroxide, masks, etc. etc...I give up and im finally on ACCUTANE! I started friday the 15th of May 2009. I'll update monthly.. I have faith in God and Accutane and with these 2 I should have clear skin soon!! :) Wish me the best!!
  11. Hi, I need your help! I just read that ACCUTANE affects your sex life: "Accutane® (isotretinoin) can permanently affect your sex life, reducing libido and sexual sensation. In some cases it may also induce sexual dysesthesias in which sexual sensations feel like "pins and needles" I want to know if anyone out there has experienced sex issues while on accutane or after accutane. Thank you! ! Please share . .
  12. Hi Everyone! This message is intended for Women who are or were on Accutane. I'm going to Planned Parenthood this Thursday to get a pap test and request some sort of Birth Control, Either Birth Control pills or the patch. I want to know what you used. What kind of Birth Control Pills are good to use while on accutane? Brand? I really don't want to get on birth control but i want to make sure that i dont get pregnant! I've been sexually active with my boyfriend for a couple of years no
  13. Your username is very depressing :( There is more to a person than whether they have acne or not.

  14. Hi I saw your accutane pics, thank you for posting!! You are very pretty and just know that Acne can take a toll, it has been doing to to me for many years now..ive been wanting to go on accutane forever but dont have insurance :(. Do u think accutane is worth it, did it make u lose hair?? Thank you!

  15. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it. Accutane is expensive, but I believe your health insurance should help cover the cost. When I used it in the past I had excellent results, and I'm going to give it a second shot. Best wishes with everything, and keep your chin up...you'll find a solution soon.