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  1. i'm only taking 1 40mg pill a day right now. anyone else only take one pill?
  2. Please post how severe your acne was (mild, mild-moderate, moderate, severe, whatever), how long you took it, the dosage you took, the results, and how happy you are with the results.
  3. Getting a zit and having it go away and the red mark fade in less than a week. I haven't had any red marks last years or anything. I wasn't referring to you, I was referring to the original poster. Sorry for any confusion
  4. Why be a prick and try to scare people? It depends on each individual and the severity of the mark...as well as other things. I've had red marks/hyperpigmentation fade completely in less than a week.
  5. Just wondering how long it takes to get. I have my appointment on Tuesday. If the liver test is fine, when should I expect my first day of accutane?
  6. Also, I have my appointment on Tuesday of next week. How long do you guys think it'll take before I start the accutane? I know my liver is fine, blah blah blah.
  7. I've been looking through all these logs and stuff, and most of the people using accutane have moderate/severe acne. I have what the derm. calls mild acne, but i've had it for about 3-4 years and it basically stays the same. Sometimes gets better, sometimes gets worse. I wanted to know if anybody with a similar situation went on accutane and how it worked.
  8. I know accutane can cause problems in women regarding their reproduction and stuff, but can it cause problems in males too? If so, what does it do?
  9. Does anyone else have this? My dermatologist says I have mild acne, the nurse said I have really good skin, the receptionist, my mom and family agree, but whenever I look in the mirror all I see are imperfections. But that's not even the weird part. I can kind of understand that, but this is what I don't get. One minute I'll look in the mirror and see absolutely gross skin, get depressed, and leave the room. Then like 2 minutes later I'll look, and it'll be fine. I don't understand. Doe
  10. I have what the derm. calls "mild" acne. He, the nurse, the receptionist, my mom, and my sister all say they don't see scars either. But whenever I look in the mirror, all I see are horrible, deep scars all over my face. I might have some sort-of dysfunction. I've turned down so much because of my "mild" acne.
  11. Anyone else have any experience with these? I got a regular peel, my face turned red, it peeled in 4 days and it looked good. I got a stronger one, and my face DIDN"T turn red, 4 days later, no peeling, and I got a few new zits. Any ideas?