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  1. So.... I have to stop taking accutane. I don't think it's accutanes fault that I'm anorexic again, but I certainly can't take the medication on not enough food. I hope three months is good enough because that's all I'm getting. I'm going to call my doctor on monday and tell him that I have to stop taking it because I'm having mood problems and vision issues. Good luck everyone. I hope everything turns out well for you.
  2. Month 3.5 As you can tell, i've lost track of the day I'm on. Doesnt matter I suppose. Update: skin is fine. joints are fine. depression is through the roof. I don't think it's the accutane though. I watched Wit which totally took my back to where I was last semester. yeah. I think I've convinced myself that I have a sleeping problem again. sucks.
  3. Month 3 My lips have gotten progressively worse, and I had a lot of trouble running my entire 3 miles this morning without slowing down because of joint and muscle stuff. My skin got a little (a very little) worse while I was home for spring break, but who knows why. I'm not itchy anymore, and my hair doesn't smell like burning when I dry it, which is good.
  4. day 46 i left the house today without chapstick. it was awful. i hadn't realized how dry they actually were. no other news
  5. eek, i hope my liver isn't failing. that would be the second time (erythromicin) if it were. I go for my blood test tuesday, so i guess i'll find out. Hanna
  6. Day 44 I got a really strange sort of pimple thing yesterday. it's just hard and very tiny and it feels really weird. I tried to pop it though I know I shouldn't have, but it blead under the skin. I don't know what it is.
  7. sorry to hear about the nose bleed. buy a humidifier. it does wonders. target has some cool ones (they're animal shapes) Hanna
  8. Day 38 Skin is clear, dryish, and beautiful. i'm enjoying. the eye's aren't doing so great. they don't like being this dry. Hanna
  9. that's so strange that a reaction to the drug would be feeling stoned, because I've totally felt like that a lot. The mood swings aren't helped any by the fact that I'm a girl and already have mood swings because of hormones. I don't know if I should be concerned or just go with it. Hanna
  10. the itchy bumps went away after day 20ish, and the itchyness really settled too after day 30. I do not think that I will get an IB because my skin was actually already clear when I started because I did a test round of an antibiotic before hand and I had absolutely no stress, and plenty of sleep and water for a month before starting. hopefully, you won't get an IB either. good luck.
  11. sorry it took me a while to get back to you. it actually had been a while since i had drank, but I've gone through periods of not drinking, then drank heavily and NOT thrown up multiple times. It felt different. but i guess there is no telling. I actually ended up drinking again last night (only one beer) and I got drunk really fast. I honestly think my liver is under enough stress to make me react very stronly to alcohol.
  12. I'm having really bizzar mood swings. not like, happy then suicidal or anything, but like giddy and then REALLY nervous. I don't think it has to do with the accutane, but who knows. no changes. dry skin and hair. that's all
  13. Day 33? I missed todays dose. I know I shouldn't but I just felt soooo sick that I thought maybe my intestines couldn't take it. To anyone considering drinking while on accutane: I HIGHLY recommend rethinking that. It did not turn out well for me (I only had the equivelent of 3 shots). My liver was totally unhappy with my decision to drink, and decided that it wanted to remove it from my body in the girl I'm into's sink. Really classy. Lesson learned: don't drink more than a sip of wine.
  14. so far, burts bees has been fine. i really don't want to have to give it up. Hanna
  15. day 30 (I missed a day) still no changes. the itching comes and goes. I had an appointment yesterday and my doctor wanted to bump me up to 60 mg but I asked if i could stay at 40 for another month because so far I'm clear and I don't want to get the IB just yet because I just met this really cute girl and I don't want her to see me like that. It would totally salt my game.