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  1. I have been on accutane for about a month and a half now and haven't noticed my skin getting better at all!! Yeah I know theres the initial breakout and all but I thought I already had that and by now it would at least be getting a little better. I mean I hear many people on here say that after two moths there skin was pretty much cleared. Also I know accutane is doing something because my legs and arms are starting to get very dry, but my face is getting no where near as dry as my arms are. Wha
  2. ive been on accutane for a little over a month now and i have been breaking out now more than ever!! Is this normal? I thought it would at least be getting a little better by now!!
  3. no i've read pretty much everything here on accutane. but i heard that the initial breakout clears up in 7-10 days and even my doctor said it should clear up in a week.
  4. so far im not iking accutane. i have been taking it for 21 days now(3 weeks) and have noticed nothing but my acne has gotten worse. Im breaking out in places i never really had to worry about before. I started out using just a palin bar of soap to wash my face and i was breaking out ( i know this is supposed to happen) so i just put a little bp on to clear up what has broken out. But then i found my slef adding more and more Bp and ending up washing my face 3 times a day now. Well 21 days later
  5. Yeah, I couldnt even hear the word face without getting uncomfortable.
  6. Well, as you just read I start Accutane tomorrow. Will I notice anything happening right off the bat? How should I wash my face? Im used to washing it 3 times a day. In the morning with clearasil face wash and BP, afternoon with basis soap, and again with clearasil and BP at night. What should I do now? I was thinking of just washing twice a day(morning and night) with a bar of Purpose soap. Will that be good? Please help me, Thank YOU!!
  7. OK hey, i wash my face 3 times a day. In the morning at then end of which i use BP, after school i use Basis soap and then at night after a shower using BP once again. My skin has become very very dry, like hurts to open my mouth dry. So say one day I decide to just was in the morning, using BP after and then after school with the Basis soap and don't wash at all that night will anything happen the next day at all? Also, Im am starting Accutane very soon, if i use the Accutane and wash my fa