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  1. Yeah, true, but I'm 3.5 months post accutane now and it's no better!! I don't use peels, abrasive stuff or anything. I wash in moisturizer, and then add moisturizer, and I'm using after sun and aloe vera and takin a shit load a vit E and it jsut doesn't get an better. People are always takin the piss, and whereas I used to laugh it off as sunburn, it's fuckin winter now and no one would believe that!! It's really annoying because I use to tan like amazingly well and now I go purple and blo
  2. Im red all over, finished accutane 3months ago. It is like sun burn. How do I get rid? I need a little help? Won't a peel or AHA or something make it worse? Why is it so red? HELP. The Taff
  3. I had a siilar problem on roaccutane and believed it to be the dreaded spots. However, it was the sun drying your skin in my case, and i got an infected rash. If it itches or burns etc then here's what i suggest: Get to the doctor and get a prescription for an antibiotic - flucoxacillin did it for me ;) Get some antihistamines and take twice what they say - cetirizine @ 20mg did it for me Get a really thick moisturiser, the key with moisturisers is the heavier you can take the better wi
  4. Started accutane in February this year, finished July 7th. Had quite a bad time on it with skin reactions, rashes, burning etc, and the corners of my mouth split and my ears split at the bottom. Came off July 7th (and actually got a letter from my derm saying how brave I'd been haha) and my skin was clear. But red!! Really Red!! Like SCARLET!! It is now 7th October (or after) which makes me 3months on. I'm still clear mainly, i get tiny pimples and red marks but nothing comes up so I'm pl
  5. Pleeeeeasee HELP!!!!!!!!! Right Im in month 4 and ive had a nightmare time on accutane!! First 2 months, spots went looked soo flipping good... ...then eyes went really red and dry and my dr told me to come off the tane...# ...came off it and skin went crazy, corners of mouth split, got a rash all over face and neck, nosebleeds and really nasty infected cuts all over my face!!! Got some penicillin which sorted it out for a bit as well as using clearasil (I didn't use any soaop at all for t
  6. Hi, Forget any antibiotics or whatever, as if they worked then you wouldn't be on accutane to begin with right?? I came out with a breakout type thing at 8weeks, and the doctor put me on flucoxacillin - penicillin!! Clear within 3 days!! Try and get a weeks course of that!! Hope this helps!! The Taff
  7. Us welsh are renown for our fantastic voices...but to be honest I couldn't sing before and I can't tell you if I'm worse now!! The Taff
  8. Yeh mate, just wondering why are you splitting your dose? I was told not to plit my dose and to take it all at once...40mg/day with a meal. What she said is kind of true, it happened to me, everything came up cysts and everything, and then died down. I'm clear now though 2months in. I guess it just depends on how quickly it works on you, and how much you had under the skin to come up. I didn't have a lot to be honest. Some people don't clear until they come to the end of their treatment, a
  9. Cheers suninmymouth and thanks JC, glad I could help. To be honest, all of the stud marks and cuts on my legs and arms that have healed have left pink scars on the skin. This is ok on the legs and arms but I got caught a belter in the chin, eye and ear the other day and to be honest they will scar :(!! However, the stud marks on my legs and arms that I have used emu oil on immediately healed very quickly with much less or little/no scarring at all, as did the spots on my face. It is also he
  10. Hi I'm 19, from the UK, been on accutane for over a month now (I'm not actually sure how long) 40mg/day, and haven't been on the board for a while. Some of you on here may remember giving me advice when I started on accutane, as I was feeling really off sorts etc and was asking for help from people who knew what I was going through. So here goes, it's pretty damn long so I'll apologise now, but I'm just going to write everything that's happened and I hope it helps... START In the first 2 wee
  11. Initially no, but my appetite has increased rapidly after the first 2 weeks, can't stop eating!! Which is a shame because like a lot of people say, I'm finding it hard to do sport and I'm starting to grow a beautiful little spare tyre!!!
  12. Zoilio Does that work, the cortisone injection? I've never really greatly struggled with cysts, most have gone away using the above method, but I have 2 that won't go and are lurking under the surface. How effective is it and how likely are the doctors to do it? The Taff