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  1. Ive been off accutane for a couple days. How long should i wait till i start this?
  2. Im on accutane and im always out on in the sun without sunscreen. Makes no diff to me as i dont tend to burn i just get a really nice tan
  3. heh prob more like 5-7days to clear up. As i did something similiar a while ago in effort to removing red marks. I used Apple Cider Vineger (yes while on roaccutane, real smart of me lol) on my skin and it jus burnt it. It then turned into a scab and within a week it was gone. And im not going near ACV again while im on roaccutane.
  4. Well ok im bak with some results to tell everyone. Im currently on month 3 of accutane and been going to the beach everyday for the last 2 weeks. Ive been spending about 30mins in the ocean and 30mins on the beach getting some sun. I do have a wicked tan now however it seems that the sea water doesnt really clean up the red marks at all. Just having a slight tan makes them less visible and its pretty much made no difference the sea water. So oh well, im thinking of starting to use Kosmea Skin Cl
  5. started ure 2 week beach course the other day will let everyone know how it goes in a couple weeks =p
  6. Well i have been on accutane for the past 2 months and im pretty much clear except im left with about 30 scars on my forehead! They are extremely red and u would still think they are active acne. So i thought accutane doesnt heal scars and i have no acne left so why not just stop with the accutane now. Well thats what i did yesterday, however is this a wise decision? Im supposed to be on accutane for 6 months and im now taking vitamin A supplements (now that im off it) in hope acne does not retu
  7. nah ive never used it, i just heard of it and it sounded good? Is there any topicals i could use to help heal my scars while on accutane?
  8. Would anyone recommend me taking this while on accutane? http://zenmed.com/skincare/scartreatment.h...546&x=click
  9. Ah this is some refreshing news. Thanks for everyones input.
  10. oh so theres a chance the accutane may get rid of the scars?
  11. yeh thought so. Well my skin is rather white and the scars are fairly red. Do you think if i went for a bit of a tan it would make the scars less visible and blend them in more?
  12. Ok so im about a month in of taking accutane and im mostly clear except my forehead is full of scars. Ive still got another 5 months on accutane, is there anything i can do at the moment to help reduce/remove the scarring or am i going to have to wait till ive finished my treatmant?