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  1. Hi- have you had bloodwork done-like by an endocrinologist? That sounds so extreme to have acne at such a young age. Does she have other health issues?
  2. I guess I am just so wanting this to help and not have to realize afther 3 months that it didnt. That seems to be my luck. If it does work, I will definitely post
  3. t my skin looks like a burn victim if I do too much. I am having weird bumps in locations on my face that thave been fairly dormant, but congested. However, I am noticing that my skin is very oily. I do wear foundation, and have tried using the clinac to see if that helps, but no luck. I did start Yasmin about that time also. Does anyone have any advice?
  4. I know this is terrible, but I sqeezed it and you would not believe the plug of gunk that cam out of it. I just could not control myself, because the tip was sort of sticking out. It looked so much beter today. The other is so tiny that I am not going to mess with it. If anyone finds out anything else, please let me know. I just hope it does not do it again.
  5. I have those crazy pores too. If you ever find out what to do to get rid of them, please let me know.
  6. Hi- I have read these boards for a quite awhile and sometimes post replies. I admire the dedication and resolve to fight acne. Let me get to the point. I am 33, white female who has suffered with acne since teens. I have tried everything from home remedies to expensive skin treatments. Thankfully, I have never had to endure severe acne, but it has still ruled my life. For the past few years, especially since the birth of my first baby, I have experienced anemia(chronically low hemoglobin)
  7. Hi- the way I used it- 1. Cleanse and dry face 2. Using fingertips apply small amt of cream to your face on the areas you want to exfoliate. Stay clear of your eye, nose and other sensitive areas. The fumes from the cream really irritated my eyes. My skin is pretty tough so it took a few nights to actually see any peeling. Leave the cream on all night. Let me know how it works for you. Julie
  8. For whitehead sufferers: Hi- I have tried everything and I think the most effective product I have used for "healing" is Zinc. I dont get that many whiteheads, but I think the zinc would dry those. Hang in there!
  9. hi- I am another person who has used the skintactax. I am 33 yrs female who has dealt with mild to moderate acne all my life. I feel like I have used everything. I was impressed with the Skintactix also. Their customer service is great. The one product that turned me off was the moisturizer. It smelled a little weird. I dont know why I quit using it. Probably because I am in pursuit a product that will clear me up for good and it is a little annoying to do internet ordering.
  10. I just got the TCA complex from Julie and used it yesterday. so far nothing has happened. She also sent some other samples. I will update in a few days.
  11. Aurelia, I dont know how old you are, but dont let your skin hold you back. I have let mine get me down for 20 yrs. It is not that bad now, but I was so depressed for years. Have you gone to a derm/or estictician? I wish I would have done that sooner.
  12. Thanks. I wished there had been resources like this when I was 13. All we had was clearasil. gross! ](*,)
  13. I really do like this site-hate that acne is the reason, though. I have dealt with some form of skin problem since puberty. Not severe most of the time, but still frustrating. Now, I battle clogged, enlarged pores, but worry about aging. This is what I do: Cleanse with Glycolic Cleanser from Biotherm Use their blackhead dissolver(no miracle potion) occasionally apply their moisturizer I do take Zinc and Ultimate Oil(Natures Secret) daily. Wear Clinique Foundation/Powder. Ca
  14. I take a zinc supplement everday that I picked up from the drugstore. I think it helps zits heal, but it also drys you out ie, my throat.