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  1. I rarely post, but after having acne for 11 years and trying everything imaginable to clear this shit, I have finally found something that actually is working....I just wanted to put this this out there in case it might work for somebody else because I know how acne can totally ruin your life. So, here is what I use, which consists of supplements and topicals: In the morning, I take 315 mg of Nature's Bounty Green Tea Extract and 1 of the Cosmedix clarity supplements...as for topicals, I use the
  2. Harley look dapper with his mighty beard and hat combo. :)) take care

  3. Chocobot, Hey!! I know exactly how you feel, I just turned 26 and due to acne my life has basically been a living hell....most days I would try to ignore it, but other days, I wouldn't even bother to get out of the bed. Mine started when I was 16 and I thought by 26 that I would be acne free and finally able to live my life..but I realized I am just going to have to deal with this crap and go on. I just wanted to let you know that I rarely notice acne on other people because I am so worried abo
  4. happy birthday, is that a dog with orange hat on ? lol it looks really cute <3

  5. How long did it take for the cinnamon to start working? How much improvement did you have with your blackheads? Where did you buy your cinnamon supplement? Sorry so many questions, but I am desperate to try anything to get rid of my acne and blackheads!! :doh:
  6. I found this while online last night....I was wondering if anybody has actually tried Famous Dave's Sunless Tanner ( it has its on web site and is also sold on e-bay)....it is supposed to not have all of the harsh ingredients found in other sunless tanners. I want to try this but I am concerned about putting this stuff on my face since I still break out......Any help/info would be appreciated.
  7. Raggamuffin, I have tried almost every antidepressant (SSRI's & TCA's) for the past 7 years.......the only one that really worked (by saying "worked," I mean that it allowed me to partially function and get through the day) for me was Prozac @ 80mg and now I think my body has adjusted to this dose and my depression is setting in again. My GP told me that the 80 mg Prozac was the highest she was going and my next step would be to see a pyschiatrist (like I want to tell a stranger my innermos
  8. Brooke, I also experience the whiteheads/flesh-colored bumps 1-2 days after the treatment......they are so hard to clear up!! I was supposed to have the pixel done May 1, but since my face is so broke-out, I decided to cancel it.....hopefully I will be able to go to my rescheduled appointment for next week. Are you taking any prescription meds for your acne? I recently started yasmin......so i'm hoping that it will work so I can continue to try and get rid of my scarring.....by the way another
  9. Hey brooke........I have just completed my 11th pixel treatment and I have seen some improvement in my scarring on my cheeks, but I am now broke out like crazy...so I don't know if it is swelling from the breakouts or actual improvement. I actually look forward to my pixel treatments because as soon as it is done, my skin looks almost "normal"...but within a few days, I feel it is back to it's old self once again.......I hope within the next few months, we will continue to see improvement in our
  10. So, I've taken a while to make a post because I wanted to be sure of what I'm going to say. First off, I have to apologize to the people who have read my former posts (and may have gotten their hopes up.) In fact, the postings I made AT THE TIME was honestly how I felt. The first time I got the pixel done, I DID see results and I felt good about it. I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND. I can now sadly say that I can't perceive any lasting results from my pixel treatment. Granted, I've only had 2 pi
  11. Ciara Sorry to hear about the long-term side effect. And Thank you for sharing your information with us. I have a few questions: So you acne condition did not improve at all with accutane? or it did improve but not 100%? How much improvement would you say? and if it did improve but your acne came back latter, how soon after the treatment did the acne return? and the severity of the condition compared to before you went on accutane? thanks. Hey 2012, I forgot to mention that my cholestrol be
  12. If you have had accutane treatment, but it did not work, What type of acne do you have? I have moderate acne vulgaris. Your gender? Female How many years have you had acne before your first/second/third accutane treatment? About 7 years before the first treatment. I tried accutane 1x and I will never do it again!! Your age when you started your first/second/third accutane treatment? 21 years old What side effect did you experience? the severity/duration of these side effects? I had terrib
  13. I have tried about all of her products and basically they suck!! I ended up with a horrible rash along with acne that was 2x worse than before I started the products. In my opinion, I should have saved my money and went to a dermatologist.
  14. I had microdermabrasion treatments done every 2 weeks for 2 years with no results...so save your money!!