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  1. Those classes are all so easy and slighlty insignifciant. Anyone at that age with a certaing logic, intelligence and constant discipline can get A's in all those courses if they tried. People who get B's and and a few C's that just get a little work done and have other main interests will continue by just as well and can be just as good than str8 A students.
  2. lol @ a chance to bang down the drain. and also this thread is back from 2004 haha
  3. i personnaly prefer the original design.
  4. And what if an Asian girl looks hispanic? :) that to, lol. I think there both sexy races :dance: :dance: :dance: plz no racism here..
  5. Please, refrain from swearing here.. children browse these forums..
  6. dude u need to wake up. we're trying to help ppl in another style.
  7. We had a derm here before, a moderator banned him.
  8. i know the feeling mate. Like she's in love with you and you dont know her at all lol. And all you wanna do is get in her pants. jesus fuckn christ... get in, get off, get out, good bye and repeat if you stfu most of the time.