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  1. should I stop taking the pills and see what happens?
  2. About this time last year, I was taken to the derm for my face. They prescribed me with a daily dosage of Minocycline and for me to put differin on my face every night. I still do this, and it used to work very very well, barely getting pimples a week. Now, its about 6 months later and im still taking the medicine as im supposed to, and i breakout like crazy every week. I put the differin on at night and I wake up with more pimples in the morning. I also wash my face with a basic face wash in
  3. dammit, ive been using ethromycin for like 3 months now with no changes at all. this sucks what kinda cream are you using?
  4. yeah I live on the beach, so im clear over the summer too. I got on Minocycline + those pads. they work so good. bacne is still there, but ive only been on the pill sfor like 2 weeks. i can see a difference.
  5. Thanks. Im starting to see changes, on the second day! My skin is noticeably less oilier. And i can see some spots where im starting to dry up. I alos got these wierd pad looking things, kinda like stridex but wow. They work amazingly! used them for my first time tonight and basically ALOT of the redness disapeared! Made my face look sooo much better. ( perscription pads not otc )
  6. I just got back from the derm they gave me mynocyclin ( i think thats what its called ) and some kind of wierd stridex pad kinda thing. ill post some results with that too!
  7. I just got prescribed mynocyclin ( sp ) by my family doctor for my face and my back. I think its 100mg pills, twice a day but ill check on that. He also presribed me something like a stridex pad, just with different "derm" ingredients I guess you could say haha. How long before I start to see effects of this pill? What are the effects of this pill besides my face clearing up? Should I prepare myself and buy tons of face lotion? Anything I need to know about it? What are yalls opinions on th
  8. My back looks the EXACT same as yours, just a tiny bit worse. I have it in the same areas too. on both sides of my shoulder blades, across the middle and just a little bit on my shoulders. Ive tried.. Panoxyl 10% in the shower Neutrogena Body wash Salicylic Acid 2% Head and Shoulders method Now, im back to the basics. Just using my back scrubber and some soap day by day. Ive kinda given up on it. Just hoping for the best. I actually might start trying head and shoulders again for the hell of
  9. I dont have bad acne at all, just a couple whiteheads a week. The normal 17 year old stuff. I currently take a shower both at night and in the mornings. This is what I usually do. In shower, wash face with normal face wash. No scrubs or anything. Get out, use Stridex 2% Sacylic ( sp ) acid pad on my face. Later before i go to bed i apply BP 10% to the bad spots. And before I leave for school I apply BP 10%. Does using these products one on top of the other make them clash or have some bad
  10. You guys might remember me. Well summers came to a end out here on the beaches of NC, and ive been out of the sun and the salt water for a couple weeks now ( school started ). The second I start losing my tan, my bacne becomes visable again. Over the summer I dont remember having more than 2 whiteheads at all! Its terrible. Any new methods came up since last winter? I tried Head and shoulders alot of months ago, didnt work. Also tried Panoxyl and it never worked. I still use my backbrush ever
  11. wow, my first real cyst. about how long will it take to go away? I cant even get it to come to a head, its been about 3 days now. It seems like its getting smaller. Maybe?
  12. Im back again, still going strong. One pimple here and there. Also been at the beach, ALOT. I mean I live here, might as well go to it. The tan has came and you cant even tell ive had bacne before. Im using some kind of soap Called Lever 3000. Still using the back brush and still using the SA 2% here and there. 99% Clear. My mom even said wow, you wouldnt even have known you had that stuff on your back unless you saw it before. Give it a try, go back to the basics with just soap and a scrubb
  13. Ive never had ANY bad acne, ever. Just mild here and there, breakouts occasionally ya know the normal Teenage thing. Anyways, right in the middle of my eyes, just up a little bit. Theres this hard ass lump. its about 2 mm wide and tall. Its a little red from me messing with it / BP 10 %. It wont come to a head, and it hurts to touch. Ive tried opening my pores up with hot water for about 5 minutes and that didnt even bring it to a head. Even 10 % BP overnight wont bring it to a head. Ill upd
  14. First off, ive been battling this stuff for forever, almost a year now. I had it extremely bad back in the winter, and now that im out in the sun and skimming at the beach ( salt water ) ive cleared up amazingly. First off, I had cysts and whiteheads and red spots everywhere on my back, atleast 10 new ones a week, i couldnt keep them down. I tried everything from Panoxyl to Head and Shoulders to nothing at all. Now, what I use is just a plain bar of soap with lotion in it, a back brush ( work
  15. Salicylic Acid 2% with Aloe. Scrub brush in the shower Benzoyl Peroxide 5 or 10 % is what i use