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  1. I really did not want to put down the western culture when I started this discussion. I only wanted to point out a behavior I had observed to see if any one shared a similar experience. I think having acne is a problem for a person in any culture, what differs is the the degree that it effects one's life. Gul
  2. Is it possible that pulling your skin contribute to sagging skin? People are usually adviced that they should not pull the skin when applying cosmetics/skin care products. I did try it, and it works to some extend. I also tried microdermabration which is great for brown spots. I am always on the look out for deals. For instance, I had 4 treatments for less than $300 (less than $75 each) in Maryland. Gul
  3. Is there any way to get vitamin B5 from natural food? If what the first posting says about fat metabolism is true, than eating less fat should clear the skin. But, this is not true. The amount of fat intake never had an affect on my skin. In my case, the amount of oil my skin produces is totally related to my stress level. Under stress, some people sweat water, I sweat oil! Moreover, I find articles relating unstable levels of glycolic index(GI) (sudden increase in the sugar level in your blo
  4. Thanks for your support. I would like to add that I have an average self-esteem. I might have sounded like having a high self-esteem while trying to make my point. I was trying to get at the fact that there is a real discrimination, I am not making it up and it is not connected to the self-esteem issue. While reading other postings at this site, I realized that people from developed countries could also see this as a personal hygene issue. In a country where people take showers eve
  5. I am no expert but I have been thinking about the relationship between acne and anxiety/depression. I believe the relationship could be more biophysical than psychological. For instance, in women, policystic ovaries syndrom(PCOS) cause hormonal imbalances that result in acne. Those hormonal problems can also effect one's mood (PCOS can cause depression). I think, the hormonal system is connected to everything else in the body and the brain. Those with acne and anxiety/depression should look i
  6. Hi, I come from a different culture where having acne does not factor in your presentability. You may not win a beauty contest but having acne should have no effect on your professional life. So, back home I never felt I had anything wrong, I did not even try hard to treat my acne. It certainly made no difference in my life. However, I have been living in the U.S. for many years now. I have come to realize that physical attractiveness (not necessarily sexual, but usually so) is an imp
  7. Thin and coarsely textured (cheap) napkins work well for me too. Expensive thick kinds won't work at all. Gul
  8. Hi, I have acne and scars on my face which I like to conceal from time to time (for a party). However, the most of cheap foundations(medicated Neutrogena included) result in more acne even if they are noncomodogenic. Do you know any foundations (ones for oily skin, powdered, etc.) which do not cause futher acne? Are the expensive ones (clarins, lancome, clinic, etc.) really better? I have a pigmented skin(beige), after each pimple, I get too much redness at the site which later tu