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  1. Hi! I'm an older adult who is taking Accutane. Something slightly weird has cropped up, and I'm wondering if it's because I'm on Accutane? A few months ago, a few drops of boiling water landed on my ring finger when I was cooking. I ran my finger under cold water for awhile. I think it might have blistered a bit--can't exactly remember, but you can't see any scars or anything. My finger looks perfectly normal. I've been on Accutane for a few months now. I can't remember exactly when this
  2. What is your problem? if you want to be facetious about this topic then I suggest you do so by yourself, in a dark corner, as your comments are not wanted.
  3. I love Accutane! It's a miracle drug. Of course it has its side-effects, but any side-effect I've ever experienced from taking it was totally worth it. A person who has the propensity towards getting bloody noses will most likely get some bloody noses while on Accutane. Those of us who rarely get nosebleeds (or never, like me) can experience some. I got a few nosebleeds due to the lack of moisture inside my nose. Below is a quote from a post I made a little while back on how I dealt with
  4. That must have been awful to have your girlfriend leave you due to your wearing foundation! What is her problem? How rude. Have you tried Dermablend? A little goes a long way, and it is waterproof. And if anyone ever noticed, I'd tell them that it is a colored acne medication from my dr. You are not obligated to tell any of your friends about the products you use on your face. I can see that you might want to mention it to a girlfriend, in case some of it comes off when you're kissing
  5. Talk with your dr. about this. My I-Pledge book says that you need 1 primary form of bc, and 1 secondary form of bc. Primary forms are: tubal sterilization; partner's vasectomy; iud; hormonal (bc pills, etc.). Secondary forms are: male condom, diaphragm; cervical cap; vaginal sponge with spermicide. So it is possible to be on Accutane without being on birth control pills. Many of the listed "approved" methods have further explanation to them (in other words, I mentioned birth control pill
  6. Wow, I'm sorry to hear this! Does she have any other signs of PCOS? (You can research those online if you haven't done so already.) Will your GP refer you (if you need a referral) to an endocrinologist to have her hormone levels tested? How bad is her acne? Is she a candidate for Accutane? (I've taken it in the past, and am taking it now again--and I'm probably in between the age of you and your daughter hth, dsal